Brig. Khaled & co were just playing pawns in the bigger game plan.

Intelligence reports suggested that Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed was all set to form the next government.

The reports suggested that the conspiracy was supported by a strong segment of BKSALITES. India and Soviet Union both were providing necessary help. India and Soviet Union wanted to divide the armed forces through some of its members so that the country plunged into a civil war. And at that situation, at the request of a segment of BKSALITES the Indian army would storm the country under the 25 years treaty. Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed would form the government and ‘peace’ would be restored. Thus the present process would be reversed and Bangladesh once again would get back to its status of a vassal state. The reports also mentioned that Indian High Commission and Soviet-Embassy at Dhaka and the RAW agents had become very active. Regular meetings were being held at different places. Brigadier Khaled had been seen in some of those meetings. At the advise of the Indian high commission Mr. Rashed Mosharaff an MP of BKSAL, the elder brother of Brig. Khaled had been working as the contact man between various concerned parties and Brig. Khaled Mosahraff. About this conspiracy an article was published in the weekly ‘Holiday’ of Mr. Enayetullah Khan. Mr. Leaf Shulz in his book ‘The Unfinished Revolution’ also wrote:

"Mr. Atiqul Alam, The press reporter for Reuter was in possession of the latter of Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed written in his own handwriting about the plan of a counter coup de’tat addressed to Mr. Samar Sen the Indian High Commissioner at Dhaka."

Mr. Zillul Rahman Khan in his book ‘Leadership Crisis in Bangladesh’ wrote,

"The four leaders in the jail (Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed, Mr. Nazurul Islam Mr. Kamruzzaman and Mr. Mansur Ali) were well aware about the coup de’tat of Brig. Khaled Mosharaff. It was a pro Mujib counter coup’de’Tate. Because the four leaders were taking all preparations to come out from the Jail as heroes and form the government".