Decision to retire 36 officers from the active service.

This decision was taken to avert any untoward happening.

Gen. Zia and Sena Parishad started pondering how to tackle Brig. Khaled and Col. Shaffat and save the nation from any conspiracy. After long deliberation decision was taken to remove the troublemakers from the service. In total 36 officers of the armed forces were listed to be retired. This was a delicate and risky affair. But even then this risk had to be taken. Most of the able freedom fighter commanders had earned personal loyalty from the troops and the officers with whom they have fought. Both Brig. Khaled and Col. Shaffat were valiant freedom fighters and had enjoyed personal loyalty from their sub-ordinates. Therefore, their removal might create some problems. To counter that the process of reinstatement of the retired officers had been expedited. By then we all were reinstated in the service. To consolidate his position Gen. Zia was initiating necessary steps to post us in the strategic units. Brig. Khaled & co became even more alarmed. They realized that once we got our postings it would become extremely difficult for them to execute their heinous plan.

The decision was conveyed to Gen. Osmani. He just could not believe that Brig. Khaled and Col. Shaffat could indulge themselves into such activities. But when the Intelligence Chiefs submitted their reports he was dumfounded and burst into anger.