Brig Khaled Mosharraf and Col. Shaffat Jamil started cooking up against Gen. Zia.

Gen. Zia informed that Brig. Khaled and Col Shaffat were creating hurdles on his way. Some pro BKSAL officers had joined hands with them.

Brig. Khaled Mosharaff was a valiant freedom fighter, but highly ambitious. To fulfill had ambition from the days of liberation war very tactfully he had been trying to increase his influence and power base. The Mujib government had also patronized him as well as the AWAMI-BKSALITES. The sudden fall of the BKSAL regime had upset all his plans. That was why he had become desperate to perpetuate his ambition. Maj, Gen. Zia could not desist him in spite of his best efforts. Brig. Khalid’s lust for power was fully exploited by the AWAMI-BKSALITES and the Indo-Soviet axis. He became a pawn in a conspiracy that was being hatched up by the anti nationalist forces and the outside powers to turn the clock back.

We have been receiving information about this conspiracy from the intelligence agencies and other various sources. Col. Shaffat Jamil was instigating Brig. Khaled. A blind supporter of Sheik Mujibur Rahman who could not accept the change. The champion of Atrai operation Col. Shaffat Jamil’s ego could not accept the fact that Sheikh Mujib’s government was over thrown by his Brigade and he failed to do anything as the Brigade Commander. This was haunting him all the time. That was why he joined hands with Brig Khaled and other anti national forces to avenge the personal defeat. Some senior Rakkhi Bahini officers and a few officers who were involved in the Agartala Conspiracy Case joined them. Initially we could not believe that Brig Khaled being a freedom fighter could get involved in such kind of anti people activities just for his own ambition. However, we started receiving similar information from the units of Sena Parishad in different cantonments. Such reports made us worried. It was clear that something ominous was brewing. One day I went to Brig. Khaled with an attempt to disassociate him from such anti national activities. Personally we were close to each other so I thought I could give it a try. He on the face completely denied that he was involved in any such activities. He also denied that he was not cooperating with Maj, Gen. Ziaur Rahman. This was quite disappointing. I realized he became obsessed with his ambition. He became so blind that he is not realizing the implications. He has sold off himself knowingly or unknowingly to a deep conspiracy. I felt very sorry at such kind of betrayal from a person like Brig. Khaled whom I always thought to be a nationalist and a patriot. Attempts were also made to persuade Col. Shaffat Jamil to withdraw him from all such activities that were harmful for the country and the nation. But he also behaved almost the same way as Brig. Khaled. They both were told, "Any action that may create division within the army at this crucial juncture would be considered as national betrayal. It is imperative now to have a solid unity within the armed forces to ensure stability. And that can only be achieved through total loyalty to Maj. Gen. Ziaur Rahman as the Chief of Staff. Without such loyalty we shall never be able to achieve the objectives of the uprising". Our personal relations that had developed through the liberation war allowed us to talk so frankly in spite of the differences in our outlook and perception. At the end both had overtly assured their co-operation with Maj. Gen. Ziaur Rahman but our sixth sense said that those were just empty promises. In fact both of them shall continue with their design