15th August was a day of national deliverance

The national and international media and the newspapers bear the testimony to this fact. The history shall also bear the same.

It is needless to say that if from the very beginning there would have been rule of law in the country. Constitutional and democratic rights of the people were not taken away, peaceful ways and means to change the government was kept open then it would not have been necessary to organize the uprising of 15th August. But AWAMI-BKSAL period was a nightmare.

The period of AWAMI-BKSAL rule was full of barbaric atrocities. It was an era when democracy was killed and one party dictatorship was introduced. Fundamental and democratic rights were snatched away from the people. The history of AWAMI-BKSALITES rule was basically history of murder, rape, loot, oppression, plunder, famine, capitulation to the foreign exploiters, white terror and above all betrayal to the spirit of the liberation war. People could never be able to erase those horrifying memories. In the name of socialism they plundered the national wealth, they kept the border open for the smuggling, for their mismanagement of the economy the country got its recognition internationally as the ‘bottomless basket’. There was no famine in Bangladesh during the war but the people had to die out of famine during the rule of AWAMI-BKSALITES.

Sheik Mujib and his government presented the people fascism in the name of democracy, social injustice in the name of socialism, national disunity in the name of Bengali nationalism and communal disharmony in the name of secularism. If the revolutionary uprising of 15th August had taken place then in the killing field over 70 political parties would have had premature death or would have been forced to fly the flag of BKSAL. The nation would have been forced to bear the agonizing burden of their misrule for indefinite period of time.

I would like to quote here the editorial that was published in the leading newspaper, the daily Ittefaq on 15th August 1975 under heading, ‘Oitihashik Nabajatra’.

"To fulfill the historic demands of the nation the armed forces of Bangladesh under the leadership of elderly statesman and people’s hero Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed had taken over the power at the dawn of Friday the 15th of August. The previous government has been overthrown and Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed was sworn in as the President in a solemn but simple ceremony. All the law enforcing agencies of the country like that of Bangladesh Rifles, Police even the Services Ciefs of the Defence Forces had given their unflinching allegiance to the new government. There is a sad background of this political change in the national life. Our dreams and aspirations were high as we achieved our independence with the sacrifices of 30 lacs of martyrs and at the cost of honour of innumerable mothers and sisters. But what the people had got during this period of three and half years or more in one word is deprivation and frustration. There were valid reasons why the armed forces had to come forward under the leadership of Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed to shoulder the historic responsibility for the greater interest of the nation and to materialize the true aspiration and the dreams of seven and half crores people of Bangladesh. The ruling coteries of the past had shutdown all the Avenues of constitutional transfer of power and thus made military intervention inevitable. The tide of history can not be thwarted by the lust for power. At this historical juncture our responsibilities are more. At this crucial juncture to consolidate the gains of the historical step that the armed forces had taken under the leadership of people’s hero Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed and to fulfill our historic responsibilities to the people we all have to march forward united as one".