The policies and the steps that were taken by the interim government

Immediately after assuming presidency Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed got down to business. Sena Parishad assisted him from behind the scene. There were lots to be done. Priorities were selected carefully.

The ill-famed Gazi Golam Mustafa was removed from his post and Justice BA Siddiqui a well-respected judge of the Supreme Court was appointed as the chairman of the Red Cross. Presidential order No 9 were repealed. Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed in a presidential ordinance announced repudiation of BKSAL and his commitment to restore multi party democracy in the country. The plan of Sheikh Mujib to divide the country into 61 districts and the appointment of governors were annuled. 19 districts that existed before were reformed and professional district commissioners were posted to adMinister the districts. On charges of corruption and misuse of power earst-while Vice President of the Republic, 6 Ministers of Sheikh Mujib’s cabinet, 10 members of Parliament, 4 bureaucrats, 12 businessmen were arrested. Two special courts were constituted for their trial. Actions against 36 senior officers of the armed forces were contemplated. The government ordered the relevant authorities to prepare the list of all political prisoners. The political parties were also asked for their list of prisoners. On 25th August the leading political leaders Mr. Mashiur Rahman and Mr. Oli Ahad were released unconditionally. On the same day Gen. Osmani was appointed as the Defense Advisor to the President. Maj Gen. Khalilur Rahman was appointed as the chief of defense staff. Simultaneously Maj Gen. Shafiullah and air vice marshal AK Khandakar were relieved from their posts and Maj. Gen Ziaur Rahman and Air Vice Marshal M.G. Toab were appointed as the Chief of Army Staff, and the Chief of Air Staff respectively. Daily Ittefaq and Daily Sangbad two leading newspapers were given back to the owners. On 16th August Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, the leader of the down trodden sent a congratulatory message in support of the new government of Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed. The new government could also muster support from all the nationalist and democratic political parties, mass organizations, leaders and groups. They all sent their sincere congratulations to the patriotic armed forces for their courageous action. On 3rd October President Mushtaq declared that from 15th August 1976 open multi party democracy will resume in the country and the general elections will take place on 28th February 1977. With all these steps taken the overall situation of the country not only drastically improved there were also marked improvements in country’s law and order situation, administration and production in the mills and factories. The prices of the daily essential goods and foodstuff started coming down. Robberies, thefts, hoarding and smuggling reduced substantially. Stability returned in the society. The people got back sense of security. Polices and the steps taken by the interim government were highly appreciated at home and abroad.

Internationally reputed magazine the Time took out the special issue covering Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed were they said that he was one of the most out standing states man of the 3rd world with sharp sense of humor. They further said that although same in size, he out matched Lal Bahadur Shastri of India in intelligence and political acumen. The nation could be proud of such comments.