Sena Parishad had decided to send the exposed leaders abroad temporarily.

It was a tactical move to attain the strategic goal.

After the President’s decision the central leadership of the Sena Parishad convened a closed-door meeting. In the meeting the decision was taken that the exposed top leaders would leave the country temporarily. After deliberation Bangkok was considered to be the most suitable place. How Sena Parishad will counter Brig. Khaled & co after our departure that was also discussed. It was decided that Sena Parishad would join hands with other patriotic and nationalist forces. Particularly with Col. Taher and his Gono Bahini to organize another revolution at an appropriate time after Brig. Khaled & co. get exposed as the lackeys of the defected AWAMI-BKSALITES and their foreign masters, the Indo-Soviet axis. Decisions were also taken about Maj. Gen. Ziaur Rahman and President Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed. It was decided that after the over throw of Brig. Khaled & co. Maj. Gen. Ziaur Rahman would be released and reinstalled as the Chief of Army Staff. Then Maj. Gen. Zia will request Khandakar Mustaq Ahmed to resume his duties as the President. It was also decided that from Bangkok the departed leaders would maintain contact with the Sena Parishad and Col. Taher. Arrangements were made to reach those decisions to all Sena Parishad units in different cantonments. Col. Taher was then present at the Banga Bhaban. The decisions were taken after due consultation with him.

When we finished with the meeting it was evening. Meanwhile necessary instructions were issued to the concerned ministries from the President’s secretariat regarding our departure for Bangkok. I called Brig. Khaled as I promised.

"Sir we have decided to leave the country. Myself, Nur, Pasha, Shahriar, Huda, Rashed, Rashid, Farooq, Mohiuddin, Sharful, Majeed, Kismat, Nazmul, Hasham and Moslemuddin along with our families will be flying out tonight. Necessary arrangements are being made through the President’s secretariat. We are sorry that we could not cooperate with you all".

"Why are you leaving the country I don’t understand? We have some reservations about Rashid and Farooq but why you all?" Brig. Khaled repeated the same request once again. Although he pretended to be sincere, but I was sure, at his heart he was very happy and relieved to hear that we all were leaving the country. He was happy because he thought his immediate threats have decided to leave.

This is how we made a tactical retreat and decided to leave for Bangkok just to save the country and the nation from a possible bloody civil war, and at the same time to achieve our goal. We left Dhaka at about 10:30 p.m. at night of 3rd November 1975 for Bangkok by a special Biman flight.