Back to 4 Bengal head quarters

After finishing the meeting with the President we returned to 4 Bengal head quarters. Brig. Khaled wanted us to join him.

Brig. Khaled and all were waiting for our return. Col. Munnaf said everything exactly what ever the President had said. Brig. Khaled looked disappointed and anxious. He perhaps realized that Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed was a tough nut to crack and it would not be possible to use his shoulders for his purpose. Khandakar Mushtaq a highly intelligent and sharp person has understood the game and refused to play in his hands. The rest present burst into outrage. Col. Shaffat said, "How dare he spoke like that?"

"All right we shall see what to do next". Brig. Khaled said and signaled Col. Shaffat, Brig. Nuruzzaman, Maj. Hafeez, Cap. Iqbal, Sqn Ldr Liaqut to follow him for a close door session to decide about the next move. They all went to another room and started their exclusive meeting. After about 15/20 minuets they came back.

"Dalim, as Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed is not ready to accept our terms in that case he has to hand over power to the Chief Justice, Justice Sayam". Said Brig. Khaled.

"To handover power to Justice Sayam will be against the constitutional provision. Being a man of law, will he accept to take over like this?" I asked Brig. Khaled.

"Well some how this transfer has to be legalized. To convince Justice Sayam is my responsibility". Said Brig. Khaled. It became very clear from his insistence that due to some compulsion he was insistent to appoint Justice Sayam as the President even violating the constitutional provision.

"I can say nothing on this new proposal. Please ask your representatives to come with me to Banga Bhaban again to discuss this matter with the President and get his decision". I suggested to Brig. Khaled.

" Yes, they will go with you." Brig. Khaled agreed.

" Well Sir,if there is nothing else from your side then I shall leave now."

As I stood up from my chair, at that point Brig. Khaled said, " Dalim one thing more. We all know that you, Nur, Pasha, Shariar, Huda and others are patriots. We also have same feelings and views about the country and the nation. Since the liberation war we know each other. I on my own behalf and rest of us would like to say very clearly that other than Lt. Col. Rashid and Lt. Col. Farook we have no grievances against any one of you. Rather we want your co-operation to fulfill our dreams. I request you most earnestly, please strengthen our hands by joining us. Try to understand Zia can not deliver anything. He has betrayed all of us and our cause."

Brig. Khaled’s ulterences made me surprised. I really could not understand how sincere was he in his statement. How it could be possible that Brig. Khaled and the rest were not understanding the implication of their counter revolutionary coup de’tat? But if they were aware then this offer should be taken as a very clever move. They are trying to trap us. I thought for a while and said,

"Sir, so long we could hardly get any time to think about ourselves. I alone can not say anything about our own future course of action. It has got to be a consensus decision. Many who are with you today were also with us on 15th of August. I would like to reiterate once again to my those friends in very clear terms that we do not consider that Maj. Gen. Zia has betrayed us or the spirit of 15th August. We also have no reasons to be leaving that he is unable to achieve our desired goals. We also think all propaganda against him is uncalled for and there is no valid reasons why he should be mistrusted. He was one of us and he remains be one of us even now. Against your kind proposal to join, I would like to say only this much that the spirit of 15th August and that of 3rd November is not the same. Never in the history these two events would be potrayed in similar ways. The historic uprising and the political change of 15th August 1975 would be potrayed as the mile stone in the struggle against fascist and despotic rule and at the same time in the struggle of the people against hegimonism. On the other hand the putsch of 3rd November 1975 shall go down into the history as a saga of national betrayal, thus the event would be identified as the black chapter in our national history. I know that right now none of you are ready to accept what I said. But shortly the future will justify my words. What ever decision we might take about our future you would be informed in due course of time". This is how after long day sessions with Brig. Khaled and others I returned to Banga Bhaban. Both Col. Munnaf and Lt. Col. Malik also came along with us. While driving back Maj. Nur said, "Sir, the way you answered Brig. Khaled was very unpalatable. You should not have taken such a risk".

It is very true. Nur has a point. Such frank and tough talks could prove very dangerous. But some how I could not restrained myself. It was spontaneous. When some one tries selflessly to speak out the truth Allah provides him with necessary courage and strength.

On return I told the President that the conspirators were trying to usurp power through Justice Sayam. Khandhakar Mushtaq Ahmed finally decided to hand over the power to Justice Sayam. Brig. Khaled’s representatives went back to 4 Bengal HQ after knowing the President’s decision.