President Khadakar Mustaq Ahmed proved his metal as an accomplished statesman

He showed courage in facing the emissaries. His reply to them was stern and most be fitting to his character.

Once we had finished our deliberation Col. Munnaf Then Col. Munnaf and Lt. Col. Malik were called in. The military secretary brought them in. They came in and saluted the President. We all were present at one side. The atmosphere was solemn.

The President asked them, "Speak, whatever you have got to say?"

Col. Munnaf on behalf of Brig. Khaled and others repeated the 4 demands and wanted to know the honourable President’s reply.

President Mushtaq Ahmed heard everything patiently and then in his own style in a very composed and sober manner said,

"Well I have heard you patiently. Go back and tell those people at the Cantonment, if I am the President, then I shall execute my responsibilities at my own terms and for the best interest of the nation. I am not at all prepared to remain as the head of state and be dictated by one Brigadier. I want that the chain of command is restored immediately and Brig. Khaled should allow my three chiefs of staffs to come over to Bangabhaban with out any further delay. Khaled should also withdraw the troops he has deployed to cut off the relay station so that Radio and T.V can resume their normal broad casting. My priority at this moment is to bring back normalcy in the country. If Brig. Khaled does not execute my orders then tell him that he should come to Bangabhaban and take over the country and do what ever he feels like. I shall call for a rickshaw and go back to my residence at Agamosi Lane".