The Presidential palace looked normal, majestic and grate. There were no sign of any abnormality or panic.

At the gate of Bangabhaban I found the troops from the BDR in position. Maj.Gen. Khalid had sent the reinforcements. I took Col. Munnaf and Lt. Col. Malek to the office of the military secretary. Then I went to see the President. Gen. Osmani, Lt. Col. Rashid and Capt. Huda were with the President. They wanted to know what was happening in the cantonment. I told them every thing in details. I also informed them that Col. Munnaf and Lt. Col. Malek had come as the representatives of the counter revolutionaries with their demands. Both these officers were well known to Gen. Osmani. As he heard about their names he exclaimed, "How could they give allegiance to Khaled"?

"Sir, it is hard to understand human characters. There is nothing surprising in it. Under the prevailing circumstances we got to think about more pressing problems". I replied. Lt. Col. Rashid asked me, "What is your opinion?"

"First of all I think Brig. Khaled and others can not last long as they have no moral ground. From the strength point of view, we are stronger than the people at 4 Bengal HQ. The patriotic members of the armed forces and the people will reject them straight away when they will see through their design. But in spite our superior strength, I consider that it would be suicidal to initiate any military operation from our side. We must not take any action until the public knew their real intention. If we do so then that might be construed to be an inner power struggle between two fractions of the armed forces. This might divide the armed forces and a bloody civil war may start all over the country. And our neighboring country will definitely exploit any such situation. Before people can understand anything the defeated AWAMI-BKSALITES will once again be restored into the power. We just can not allow that to happen. On the other hand I am confidant if we do not go into any physical confrontation at this point of time and step aside, then Brig. Khaled & co. will expose themselves in the eyes of the people and the members of the armed forces through their actions sooner than expected. People will become clear about their real intention. They will come to know that Brig. Khaled for his personal ambition has played into the hands of the defeated forces and their Indo-Soviet masters. And the country was about to go back to pre 15th August era. At that time if a military action is organized against this anti national clique, people and the patriotic members of the armed forces will come out with spontaneous support in favor of that. And then it will not be possible for the neighbor to contemplate any direct intervention. Even if they do so then it will be them versus the whole nation. But I think that if the people rise then they will not dare to move in, as they had to abandon their plan after 15th August.

Secondly, I feel Brig. Khaled is trying very cleverly to remove our Services Chiefs keeping Khandakar Mustaq Ahmed in front just to hoodwink the people. Once they can take the control of the armed forces it will be just a matter of time that President will be removed to pave the way for political leadership to take over. So I strongly feel President should to play no role whatsoever to assist them to implement their design. If he has to continue as the President then he should do it with the spirit of 15th August with his own authority but not as a stooge in the hands of Brig. Khaled & co. I think this point needs to be conveyed very clearly to Brig. Khaled. If they don’t agree, then Mr. President should decide to step down". There were deliberations on what I said and then unanimous decision was taken that we would not take any military action. The President had also decided what he would say to the representatives against their demands.