2nd November 1975, Brig. Khaled & co. at last attempted the reactionary putsch

Nimmi was once again on my side at that very crucial time. She had always shared my happyness and owes equally.

For preoccupations I have not been able to visit home. So I decided to go to Malibagh after lunch for sometime. Accordingly I reached Malibagh. Every body was very happy to see me. In the evening Nimmi and I went to the cantonment to look up Minu Fuppu. We had our dinner there. Late at night we were returning home. Suddenly I decided to take Nimmi to Bangabhaban. Since 15th Aug 75 I could hardly give her anytime. We came to Bengabhaban. It was about 11:30 p.m. Every thing seemed normal. We reached my suite on the 1st Floor suddenly Hav. Hashem came and told me, "Sir Maj. Hafeez and Capt. Iqbal have withdrawn guards of 1st Bengal Regt. Col. Rashid and Col. Farooq are having meeting with the President". The news was disappointing but not unexpected. This was the logical out come of all that had been going on for last couple of weeks. I asked Nimmi to wait in the room and rushed to the presidential suite. President Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed was sitting on a sofa. Dejected and annoyed. Lt. Col. Rashid was trying to contact some one over the Red phone. Lt. Col. Farooq was quietly sitting on another sofa. "What is happening?" I asked Lt. Col. Rashid.

"What was apprehended has happened. Your good friends Hafeez and Iqbal had with drawn the 1st Bengal guards from the Bangabhaban and no replacement has arrived yet. There are unusual movements in the cantonment. Nothing is clear yet. Chief, CGS and the Brigade Commander none are available on phones. I could contact Gen. Osmani he is on his way. He could not say exactly what was happening in the contentment. He has asked Maj. Gen. Khalil to send two BDR companies to Bangabhaban as soon as possible". After he finished with me he asked Lt. Col. Farooq to go to the RaceCourse, his headquarters. At that point I said, "Well Farooq you go to the race course, but don’t move your tanks and troops. We must know exactly what is going on and only then we should decide what to do. We must see whether we could over come this impasse through dialogue. For this purpose I shall go to the cantonment. But you must restrain yourself till I return". Lt. Col. Rashid and Lt.Col. Farooq agreed. Maj. Shahriar had joined us. So was Capt. Huda. Nimmi had gone and woke them up and broke the news to them.

Maj. Shahriar was asked to go to Radio Bangladesh Control. Capt. Huda was to stay back at the Bangabhaban to assist Gen. Omani and Lt. Col. Rashid. The rest were all dispatched to their positions with the troops.

As I was coming out, Lt.Col. Rashid said, "Dalim think over whether it would be safe for you to go to the cantonment at this time". It is true this was highly risky, but I replied, "To save the country and the nation some one has to clean the dirty linen".

I returned to my room. Nimmi realized the gravity of the situation and was little nervous. "What is going to happen now?" She asked.

"You take the driver and leave Bangabhaban for some safe place. It is not clear which way things will move. Whatever happens, if I remain alive then we shall meet again". I called the driver and instructed him to reach Nimmi whereever she wants to go. Nimmi was hesitating to leave me alone. I insisted and she left for the uncertainly. While leaving she just said, "Take care. Allah will guide and protect you".