Sena Parishad made all out efforts for political support to fight any impending catastrophe

Sena Parishad decided to discuss the conspiracy issue with the patriotic leaders of different political parties who could be taking confidence.

The problem was discussed with Toha bhai of Sammyya Badi Dal, Mahboob of Sarbahara Party, Maj. Jalil of JSB and Col. Taher of Gano Bahini. They all assured to fight united against any counter revolutionary move sponsored by the Indo-Soviet axis.

After knowing all the details Col. Taher also agreed that at that crucial time any move against Maj. Gen. Zia must be considered counter revolutionary, as there was no alternative to Maj. Gen. Zia for reorganizing the army. Moreover at any national crisis his personality and image would be of utmost importance for the unity of the army and even the nation. Therefore he had to be protected at any cost to achieve the objectives of the 15th August revolution. He further said if Brig. Khaled finally made a move then for the greater interest of the nation he and his Gono Bahani will be ready to join hands with the Sana Parishad and others to fight back. If necessary to foil such conspiracy another armed revolution might have to be organized. That day we were discussing as comrades in arms. We were talking with full trust and confidence. He was not only talking as the leader of any political party but as a tested friend. We could feel in him the spirit of a true nationalist and a patriot. Like a true freedom fighter with all seriousness and genuine concern. The selfless dedication, which inspired us one day to attempt our escape togather from Pakistan to join the liberation war, once again prevailed on us to take a solemn oath that we would fight, united as one to protect the national interest against any nefarious design. There might have been differences in our ideologies and way to go about but that was not above the national interest. For the cause of the country and the nation we were one. We decided to take necessary steps to prepare Sena Parishad and Gano Bahini to face any eventuality shoulder to shoulder. We also decided to maintain uninterrupted contact to exchange information and to discuss development of events secretly.