I learnt too much in too short a time

After coming to Bangabhaban I came to know thoroughly well the characters those who loitered around the corridors of power round the clock. After knowing them I wonder as to how the nation or the country could earn respect when the affairs were not in the hands of man of honor.

How peculiar were the bureaucrats. The made and broke the law at their whish and whim. I gather a lot about what all happened in the corridor of power.

Every one looked busy to gain favors from the people who whiled power. Power of a person could be measured by the size of the crowd that hovered around him. Those cleaver lots were always up to finding out the weaknesses of the power holders. Once they found any weakness that became a tool for black mailing. Those opportunists always satisfied their greed and lust using the shoulders of the politicians. When people’s wrath removed them from power, the bureaucrats took shelter in to their foxholes. They waited for the next lot to come. Some time they even connived diligently to over throw the incumbent government paving the way to open fresh accounts with the in coming masters. It never made any difference whether the government was democratic or autocratic, civil or military. Who ever came to power needed them for their expertise. Even for learning the art of loot and plunder they were dependent on them. Thus they always remained indispensable. This was a vicious circle, which had been continually exploiting the national resources since ages for which the country got the stigma ‘bottomless basket’ the people where made senile and leaving corpse under the steam roller of spiraling exploitation. They were reduced to purposeless bunch of flash and bones by those vampires.