Sycophants were all out to please the President

A human being is basically week to pampering. But the sycophants vary easily can get them even weaker.

One day I found the Governor of the State Bank carrying out strong lobbying. Some new bank notes were to be printed. He was of the opinion that Khandaker Mushtaq Ahmed’s photo should be on the face of the new notes. I just could not resist myself. I asked the governor,

"Governor Saheb why are you so much interested to print the photo of the interim President?" He had naturally no answer for me. Again one day I found some politicians and some bureaucrats were raising storm in the teacups. Subject was national dress. We have no formal national dress, so we must have one. Most of those present thought whatever dress might be chosen Mushtaq brand of cap was a must. I could understand as Muslims, we should have a headgear. But why it should be the ‘Mushtaq cap’? This is what I failed to understand. Every where one could smell rot. Values were fast erroding at all levels among the uneducated or the educated alike. It was an up hill task to save the nation from this rot. The history had imposed this burden on us to initiate a process of rectification. We have to try our best. But was not sure how far we shall be able to go. I fell asleep with a disturbed mind.

At about 6 am. As usual I woke up. As I was getting ready for the day the attendant came and informed that the President was waiting for me over the breakfast. As I entered his room and found others were also present. I thought the President might have something serious to discuss. Quite surprisingly he asked,

"Sons, who all are communists among us?"

He was observing each one of us with his sharp eyes as we were eating. He had his mysterious smile on his face. None of us said any thing. He again broke the silence,

"Who ever is one, please be informed that I myself is the number one communist around."

After this there were not much of talks. We all came out after the breakfast. I was pondering why did he say so? Had he then come to know about our secret contact with the nationalist and the progressive parties and the individuals? Or he just wanted to potray himself as a progressive man. I got confused.