Typical bureaucratic mentality

The foreign secretary tried to oblige me by recommending my father in law’s extension.

One day the Foreign Secretary wanted me to discuss something very important. So I went to see him.

"Your father in law is a good friend of mine. He is supposed to retire this month. But we need an experienced hand like him in our London Mission, so I thought I should request the President to give him an extension for three more years. President has the power to provide such extensions". I gave him a patient hearing and then said,

"My father in law is retiring as per the service rules. Whether he needs to be given an extension or not that is your departmental affair. It is you who would know it better. But why have you called me?" He was perplexed at my question and said, "I just thought I should keep you posted".

Matter is very simple. He wanted me to know that it was he who was responsible for my father in law’s extension. He did put up the file with the President. But I requested the President not to accord any extension. I argued that as the general policy of the present government was against such extension so it would not be fair to give extension to my father-in-law.