Mr. Abedur Rahman dared to bribe

Every rich man thinks money could buy anything.

It was around end of October. One evening Maj. Shahriar called me from the radio station control room.

"Hallo Sir, As salamualikum."

"Walaikum Salam."

"The President has arranged to take out Mr. Abedur Rahman from the custody and then to send him away to London tonight by Biman. I got this information from a reliable source. Do you know anything about this?"

"No, nothing whatsoever". I replied.

"Sir, the people who had been arrested on specific charges if they are now released with out trail, the government’s image will be tarnished. The people will say the same old game is being repeated. Corrupts are getting released with their money power". Maj. Shahriar said. "You are right. If your information is correct then Mr. Abedur Rahman must not be allowed to go escort free like this. You arrange to take him in again. You have to re-arrest him at the airport, so that the news becomes public and we can also find out people who are behind this move. No one has any right to release the culprits who has specific charges against them. Once you get him please call me".

"Ok Sir, I am doing every thing that is needed." Maj. Shahiar dropped the phone.

Mr. Abedur Rahman was put in the Biman’s flight for London at around mid night. He was rearrested from inside the plane by the task force sent out by Maj. Shahriar. I was informed once he was brought to his headquarters. We learned that Mr. Nurul Islam IGP and Mr. E.A. Choudhury AIGP were responsible for this. Both of them were called for. I asked Mr. E. A. Choudhury, "Sir, I understand you are in charge of those who had been arrested on specific charges of corruption and other crimes. Isn’t it?"

"Yes" replied Mr. Choudhury.

"Then how could you arrange the release of Mr. Rahman and tried to send him abroad. You acted on whose order?" I asked. Mr. Choudhury was little nervous at my question.

"I acted on the order of Mr. Islam the IGP." He replied.

"Mr. Islam how could you pass on order like this?" I asked the IGP.

"I acted on the order of the President". He replied.

"Did the President gave any written order?" I asked.

"No, he told me over phone".

"Now if Mr. President denies this then what would be your position Mr. Islam? Would you not cut a sorry figure? I asked.

Mr. Islam a senior police officer became defenseless.

"Major Saheb, wishes of the seniors are like orders to we juniors," Mr. Islam said.

"Well said Sir. This was a trait of the colonial era. But being a civil servant of an independent country how could you be guided by such a trait? It is not your fault. The whole administration still bears the vestiges of the colonial past. In most of the third world the colonial administrative setups are kept intact by the ruling elites after independence to be used for the exploitation of the masses. The bureaucrats connive with the politicians to share the booties but when the time comes the politicians are made the scapegoats. The bureaucrats always remain safe and wait for their next turn. But the August uprising did not take place to continue with such practices. The change has come with a commitment to transform the bureaucracy and make it a honest and efficient institution. Mr. Islam even if the President had expressed his wishes you should have advised him correctly. That was your job as a professional but instead you did what pleased the President. So Sir, you must have realized you did something very unbecoming. To save the government’s image. Mr. Rahman has been brought back, so please take him along. We should be more ethical and upright in future as professionals".

After finishing with them Mr. Rahman was called in.

Mr. Islam and Mr. E.A. Choudhury were asked to wait in another room. As Mr. Rahman was brought in he just burst into tears and said,

"Sir, I have done many evil things in my life. I have also enmassed quite a bit of fortune through unfair means. I want to repent. Please give me one chance."

Dramatically he brought out a foreign Bank’s cheque book signed a few blank leafs and giving the book to us said,

"Sir I want to give everything that I have abroad willfully."

How dangerous this man! Indirectly he was trying to bribe us. The presentation was dramatic and very clever. After this we did not feel like talking to him any more. I begged leave from Maj. Shahriar as it was quite late. I came back after Mr. Nurul Islam the IGP and Mr. E.A. Choudhury had left with Mr. Abedur Rahman.