A strange incident

A young imposter tried to sell me out.

One day a very interesting thing happened. It was a night for the cabinet meeting. The meeting was over. The Ministers were in the lobby and corridors of Banga Bhaban. Suddenly Mr. Riazuddin Ahmed asked for me. As I went to see him he said, "Dalim, I have done the needful to the person you had sent today. The secretary will issue the permit tomorrow".

I was surprised and replied,

"I did not send anyone to you. Would you please elaborate Chacha what is the matter?"

Mr. Ahmed was embarrassed and revealed that one young man had called on him this morning and said that he was sent by me with a request to issue a permit for the teak wood worth 25 Lacs of taka. I was taken a back and had told the Minister that this was a clear case of fraud. I became worried as well. People were out to sell us off. I requested the Minister to phone me the next day when the man would appear to pick up the permit at the secretariat. I wanted to see that through. Next morning as the man appeared I was called. I took some people from the IB and police in plain cloths and went to the secretariat. I went inside the chamber of the Minister. A young middle aged well-dressed fellow was sitting across. He was having tea. I winked the Minister not to disclose my identity. I sat next to him and said to the Minister,

"Sir, you asked me to come today in connection with my younger brother’s enrollment in the army as an officer. You had said that there would be someone who could be of help."

"Oh! Yes. This is the gentlemen about whom I was talking". Said the Minister.

The Minister then very innocently requested the man, "Bhai Saheb, this man is close to me. One of his younger brother has applied for the commission rank in the army. As you know we live in a society where jack and push is the order of the day. So I was thinking if you could do something for him. I have done your job now I shall be grateful if you can do something for his brother". "What are you saying. This is the least that I could do. For such a small thing Maj. Dalim is not required. Maj.Gen. Zia or Brig. Khaled would be good enough."

The man talked so confidently. He then gave me a visiting card and asked me to see him in his office one of the days. He would then sort out the problem in my presence. He would call either Maj. Gen. Zia or Brig. Khaled. Later in the inquiry, the address turned out to be fictitious. I was surprised to see his guts and self-confidence. All through he was smoking 555 while talking with us. The Minister and myself exchanged glances. We had managed ourselves quite well. I begged leave after thanking them both. The law enforcing agency members did take over once I left. I requested them to send me a copy of their investigation report. It could not be ascertained whether it was a mere case of fraud or had some other malafide intention behind. However, the grace of Allah saved me. Later people were warned over Radio and Television against any such fraud or extortion. We also decided to remain more vigilant and careful.