Gen. Zia foolishly raised the alarm

Out of the list of 36 officers’ he got only Col. Rauf and Col. Malek’s retirement proposal approved from the President.

Col. Rauf was the trusted defense intelligence chief of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. After the formation of BKSAL Col. Rauf was replaced with Col. Jamil who was from the home district of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and was considered to be more loyal. Necessary orders were issued. I got worried soon I came to know this. I rushed to Maj. Gen. Zia in the cantonment. I told him,

"Sir, what have you done? The decision was to retire all the 36 officers at one go. Instead you have retired only two of them and thus you have ringed the bell of alarm for the rest. Don’t you think this is dangerous?" Maj. Gen. Zia in reply said,

"Don’t worry let me move step by step. Things would be allright. Let me handle things in my own way."

I was not convinced at his logic. But then nothing could be done. He was the Boss and one of us. We could not impose on him nor it would be fair to interfere in his way of working. So I came back with an uneasy mind.