Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed

An elderly statesman with political acumen caught our imagination right from the days of the liberation war. He was deadly against Indo-Soviet hegemony.

A highly self-respecting person and totally non-compromising on principles, Khandakar Mushtaq was an experienced astute politician. His razor edged intellect, sharpness, political depth and foresight earned him respect. A devout Muslim and a man of character Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed was well known and accepted as a liberal democrat nationally and internationally. Over the long years of his political carrier he had been able to develop personal relation and contact with many important and influential personalities of the western democracies and the Muslim world. Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed was not only a shrewd and able politician he was also a well-read person with a charming sense of humour. He was firm in his conviction and belief but at the same time humble, polite and soft-spoken. He manifested his patriotism and character when as the Minister for Power, Irrigation and Water Resources he refused to budge even an inch to the pressure of his Indian counter part while negotiating on the water sharing problem of the Ganges and Farakka issue. Ofcourse, he had to pay a price for his stand. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman removed him from this ministry for his unflinching nationalist spirit.