How could Sheik Mujib be called ‘Father of the nation’ or ‘Bangabandhu’?

It is totally untenable against the realities of our national history

An identified quarter of Bangladesh is bent upon to establish Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as ‘ Bangabandhu’, ‘Father of the nation’, chief architect of Bangladesh etc. Bangladesh had been created through a liberation war. The victory had been achieved due to spontaneous participation of the people. It was the blood and sweat of the people, which has created Bangladesh. So, it was the people who could claim to be the liberator. Negation of this fact would be distortion of history. It was true Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had made contributions in the process of our national liberation movement like many other national leaders. But the fact still remains that it was the people who had carried forward the struggle to its climax in 1971 and fought a bloody war without him to achieve the independence.

Before the fateful night of 25\26 March 1971 Sheikh Mujib refused to lead the people in organizing an armed resistance against forth-coming army crack down and decided to court arrest. And when white terror was finally launched the Awami League leaders ran for their lives leaving the people in a helpless uncertainty. The people were dejected at such betrayal but they made no mistake to rise to the occasion. They responded to the clarion call of an unknown young major and plunged themselves into the national liberation war. This historical fact could never be erased. Present and future generation shall never be convinced with motivated propaganda. After the independence his release was secured and he was installed in power. Soon after assuming power he betrayed again. To protect his own position and party interest he denied the people their human and democratic rights, economic freedom, rule of law, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. He established a fascist one party dictatorship. The rule of AWAMI-BKSALITES is a dark chapter in our history. It was a tragedy of errors. Against such realities those who triad to project him as ‘Bangabandhu’ or the ‘father of the nation’ shall find themselves in the dungeon of history. History will not forgive all those who are trying to falsify the truth.