Ek Neta Ek Desh Sheikh Mujib Bangladesh’

Such a slogan is not a democratic slogan by any count. This is a slogan similar to that of Nazis of Hitlar’s Germany or fascists of Mussolini’s Italy. Personality cult does more harms than any good to any leader. History bears many testimonies to this effect.

On 21 June 1975 through a Presidential order. Bangladesh was divided into 64 Political and administrative districts. Name of 64 governors was also published. They were going to be the chief executives of the districts. 46 out of 64 were Awami Leaguers. Rests 27 were the chosen the members of the Parliament. The appointed governors were 7 erstwhile csp officers, 6 epcs officers, Mr. Kader Siddiqui (self styled Bagha Siddiqui) from Tangail, one retired colonel and two leaders from Chittagong Hill Tracts. A crash course for these governors was arranged. As par the plan they were suppose to finish their course on 15th Aug 1975 and go back to their districts to take over. Each one of them was suppose to have half battalion strength of JRB. The governors were directly answer able to the President. The strength of the JRB was to be raised to 18000 strong by 1980. As and when the strength increased, each governor will have one battalion under command. The main reason to place this JRB unit under the governor was to eliminate any possible opposition against BKSAL in the district. The intelligence agencies were also ordered to help the governors to prepare the list of the so call unwanted people. This was a plan to perpetuate Mujib and his dynasty at the same time to keep Bangladesh as a vassal state for a long period to come.