Sheikh Kamal, eldest son of the Prime minister attempted to rob a bank

By the end of 1973 law and order situation in the country went out of hand. While attempting a bank robbery Sheikh Kamal got injured in police encounter.

Complaints of corruption against the administrators were being published every day. People were protesting against unabated loot. Rocketing price hike made the bare necessity out of rich for the common mass. Within four months the government floated sixty three corers Taka in the market. As a result inflation went up. In that anarchic situation a sensational attempt of bank robbery took place in the capital. After chase and exchange of gun fire, the police caught six miscreants. One of them was Sheikh Kamal, elder son of Sheikh Mujib. Sheikh Kamal and few other miscreants got injured in that encounter. However, the police later made a statement, "While the miscreants were being chased accidentally Kamal and others received injuries."