Sheik Mujib himself was responsible for his down fall

It was no one else other than Sheik Mujib himself who was responsible for his sad demise.

How many leaders in the contemporary history did get such love and trust from their people? But in return Sheik Mujib could never accept them to be his own. The unscrupulous party leaders and touts always got the precedence and undue indulgence. Even after getting evidence about the wrong doings of his family members he did not take any action. He never felt it necessary to rectify them. His blind ego for supremacy never tolerated any one with wisdom and political acumen. He lacked patience. He got rid of all his tested able comrades. At one point he became incapable of identifying who were his true friends and trusted followers. Such reckless egoism was one of the main cause of his political failure and sad ending. The whole administration became nonfunctional due to the high handedness of the youth leaders. The country faced a famine and people had to see murder and assassination every day. People were killed in broad daylight. The Rakkhi Bahini and party goons were unleashed to eliminate the political opponents. Party cadres were illegally armed. The country was on the brink of total disaster. The people, who once had fasted for his release from the captivity, said special prayers to Allah for their salvation from Mujib’s misrule. The failures of Awami League government totally isolated Sheikh Mujib from the people. Creation of BKSAL generated serious discontainment within his party. Majority within the party could not accept his decision.

Before creation of BKSAL full blasted propaganda was launched that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was not apathetic about the greed, lust and corruption of party leaders and members. He supposed to have realized that the very character of his party had been destroyed. It was no more possible to do any good to the country or the people with his Awami League. That was why he was going to liquidate his party and launch his ‘second revolution’ by introducing one party rule. People thought that with his ‘second revolution’ the bad elements were going to be discarded. They would be removed from the center of power. But that aspiration evaporated quickly. People found the most hated and notorious characters like Gazi Golam Mustafa, Mansur Ali and Sheikh Moni & co. became even more powerful after the formation of BKSAL. Sheikh Mujib started his ‘second revolution’ with those who were mostly responsible for defaming Awami League. People became disillusioned and frustrated. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had killed his party but could not leave his ‘Chatar Dal’ (cronies). Another thing became visibly clear after the formation of BKSAL, his family members became solidly entrenched in the power structure. Bangladesh appeared to be Sheikh Mujib’s paternal jaigirdary.