3rd attempt on my life

Mrs. Shajeda Choudhury (Former secretary general of Awami League and a cabinet minister.) and her family member are the living witnesses.

At the beginning of February 1975 one evening, Nimmi, Nur and my-self went to visit Mrs. Sajeda Choudhury and the family. They used to live on the 1st Floor of a two storied building at the Indira Road. Col. Sabbiuddin the Deputy Director of JRB used to live downstairs. Chacha and Chachi means Mr. Golam Akber Choudhury and Mrs. Sajeda Choudhury (Former general secretary and a Cabinet Minister of Awami League) both were very affectionate to us. Family wise we were very close. The entire period of liberation war they lived in my father-in-law’s house at Calcutta. They forced us to stay back for dinner. It was about 10 or 10:30 p.m. when we begged leave and got into the car. A narrow strip of lane was connecting the house with the main Indira Road. As I drove out of the gate, suddenly Nur from the back shouted,

"Sir they are firing!" I saw two people right in the front rapped in chadars were aiming at us with the stenguns. Within a split of a second, I put the car on reverse gear and zoomed back inside the gate. As we moved back those two assassins realized that we had understood the game so they quickly got vanished. We all ran upstairs. Poor Nimmi, she was pale and cold. She went straight to Chachi and burst into tears. Chachi quickly took her in her arms. Every one at the house was dumbfounded. "What is the matter? What happened?" Bablu, Chotka, Labu, Manu all came running. I explained what had happened. Chacha and Chachi were shocked! Due to Col. Sabbliuddin the house is under guard 24 hours. Rakkhi Bahini in uniform and civil dress are engaged in guard duties. In such a situation how could this happen? Chachi was very unnerved. She took Nur and me to Col. Sabbiuddin downstairs. She narrated the whole thing. After listening Col. Sabbiuddin felt embarrassed. He said,

"Days are not good. Tell me what can I do?"

We understood he was trying to bypass the issue. Chachi was not very happy at his attitude. So, we came back upstairs again. Chachi called Road No. 32, residence of Sheikh Saheb. What transpired we did not know. But after she finished talking she looked gloomy and said,

"Call home, you are not returning tonight. You will spend the night here."

Accordingly we spent the night at Indira Road and returned home the next morning. The Rakkhi Bahini chaps were guarding the house in civil dress! It struck me. Those two guys were also in civilian dress and had 9-mm Indian sub machine guns. I recollected Police Super Mahboob’s warning. Two plus two made four. I was still in the ‘good book’ of the government so I need to be more cautious and careful.