Sheik Mujib was an self centered opportunist

If one went through the history of his political carrier, one could easily find that Sheikh Mujib had been a self-centered opportunist. He could do any thing to cease an opportunity to further his interest without any hesitation. Agartala Conspiracy Case is a burning example. It is widely propagated that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the chief architect and first Bengali leader who envisaged that East Pakistan should be liberated through an armed insurrection. But that is not a fact.


Although, Agartala Conspiracy Case turned Sheikh Mujib into a ‘fairy tale’ leader over night but it was one Lieutenant Commander Moazzam Hussain who was the main architect. This unknown and unsung young naval officer was the first Bengali who dreamt of an independent Bangladesh. Independence would only come through an armed uprising he thought. He realized this in fifties soon after he joined the Navy. He went to England in 1950 to get his training in the ‘Royal Academy’ for 8/9 years. On his return he decided to organize an armed uprising. Initially he started his revolutionary activities with two of his colleagues. As he started he felt the need of a political leader because it was not possible for him to work overtly being a naval officer. He further realized it would not be enough to organize within the members of the defense forces. It was necessary to have a broad-based organization of the people to support the revolution. There was a need for a wellknown political leader who would give a call to the people for the uprising at an appropriate time. He started contacting with the political parties and the leaders. But most of them were more concerned about their own positions. Many had even called him a mad cap. Many stalwarts got utterly frighten at his proposal. In 1964 he discussed his plan with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Sheikh Mujib agreed to provide indirect moral support. Nothing more. In 1966 Commander Moazzem was posted at Chittagong. It helped him to further his cause. In 1967 Mr. Ali Raza and Steward Mujibur Rahman two of his comrades were sent to Agartala with an expectation of Indian help. The meeting between his representatives and the Indian authorities were not that fruitful. Just within one month of independence ironically Steward Mujib became a victim of secret killing on the soil of Bangladesh. He deferred with the Awami League leaders of his sector during the liberation war, because of that the valiant freedom fighter was denied the right to enjoy the freedom once Bangladesh was liberated. In the month of November 1967 Commander Moazzem Hussain was called to Islamabad under the pretext of a conference. Once he reached Islamabad he came to know that the conference was a plea. The Pakistan intelligence had come to know that Comdr. Moazzem was trying to organize an armed uprising for the independence of Bangladesh. Having known this he managed to come back to Dhaka on 7th December 1967 under a pseudo name and took shelter in the residence of his younger brother at Shidheswari, Dhaka. On 9th December about 10\11 p.m. Capt. Nurul Islam Shishu (Later General in Bangladesh army) and few other members of army intelligence raided the house and got him arrested. Comdr. Moazzem was then physically unwell. While taking him away Capt. Islam told his wife Mrs. Kohinur Hussain that he was being taken for some special purpose to Dhaka Club for about an hour. But he was released after 14 months. He was brutally tortured in custody.

But he decided to break but not bend. In spite of 14 months brutal torture Pakistani intelligence could not find out anything from him. Later in the month of June 1968 the famous ‘Agartala Conspiracy Case’ started at the Dhaka cantonment No 1 accused was Comdr. Moazzem Hussain later on the ruling military junta realized that if the case becomes Comdr. Moazzem versus the state then they will loose face. Because then questions would be raised how could a young serving officer of 32\34 years of age could continue with such activities for so long when Pakistan intelligence setup claimed to be so efficient? It would bring discredit to the whole setup. So the decision was taken to kill two birds with one stone. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was implicated as No. 1 accused Comdr. Moazzem Hussain’s name was shifted to No. 2 position. And as such this trial became a blessing in disguise. Mujib became a hero overnight. On 15th February 1969 Sgt. Zahurul Haq was shot and killed. It was told that he got killed while attempting to escape. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his government in the killing of Comrade Shiraj Shikder repeated the same thing. Comdr. Moazzem never thought very high of Sheikh Mujib. He was also not very convinced about Awami League. He found Sheikh Mujib vacillating on the question of independence. It appeared to him that Sheikh Mujib was quite contended with the autonomy within the Federal structure of Pakistan. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in return also never liked his straight forwardness.

On 26th March 1971 he was picked up and killed in front of his house. The dead body was taken to the cantonment not to be retrieved by the family of the deceased. God fearing Comdr. Moazzem feared none other than Allah. The brave son of the soil loved his motherland and gave his life for the freedom. The country became independent. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman became undisputed leader and usurped the state power but could not be so magnanimous to pay befitting respect to the selfless sacrificing Comdr. Moazzem Hussain. Never he talked truth about the Agartala Conspiracy Case. He remained dubious and took the whole credit to himself. Non compromising voices had been always silenced and the compromising opportunities were kept alive by the vested interested quarters. That was why perhaps on 26 March 1971 Comdr. Moazzem had been killed and the military Junta took Sheikh Mujib into custody. This was what had happened in the past and shall perhaps repeat again in the future.