Barrister Maudud Ahmed was arrested

On 29th December 1974 he was arrested under special power act.

Due to the political vacuum in the country the people became despondent. At that time some leading intellectuals and politically conscious people came forward to organize Protection of Fundamental rights and Legal Aid Commitee in 1974. This committee was organized to fight for human rights, individual freedom and to establish rule of law. The committee was supported by wide sections of the people.

Their demmands were:-

1. To repeal all anti constitutional Acts and laws.

2. Emergency Act and Special Power Act to be repealed.

3. Rakkhi Bahini Act to be repealed and their atrocites to be stopped.

4. All the political prisoners to be unconditionally released.

5. Freedom of Press to be reinstalled

6. All illegal warrants of arrest to be lifted.

Soon the government camedown with iron hands on the committee members. Barrister Maudud Ahmed one of the leading exponent of this committee. (At present a leader of the Bangaldesh Nationalist Party) while describing the misrule of AWAMI-BKSAL regime between 1972-1975 had said, "After promulgating Eemergency Act on 28th December 1974, on 29th December I was arrested without any reason under Special Power Act. The government failed to bring any specific charge against me. This Mr. Tofayal Ahmed was the incharge of the Rakkhi Bahini. And in the hands of this notorious Bahini 40 thousand innocent people have lost their lives. The people of this country have not yet forgoten the brutal killing of Shiraj Shikdar. The period between 1972-1975 of AWAMI-BKSAL rule will ever remain as the most darkest chapter in the history of Bangladesh".