BKSAL a two edged weapon

Sheik Mujib wanted absolute power by introducing BKSAL but Sheik Moni and others wanted to use this as a tool to capture power.

Knowing his mind the vested interest groups within Awami League and outside started instigating him to establish one party rule to promote their own interest and power. From the month of September 1974 Sheikh Moni started propaganda in support of one party rule. The pro Moscow parties also started propagating that the democracy had failed and one party rule was the answer. Mr. Mansoor Ali the trusted Home Minister of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was called at the Soviet Embassy and was advised that the government should opt for one party rule. Mujib’s own lust for power, desire to bring the state under his party’s control, Indian and Soviet pressure prompted him to take such decision. Just 27 days after promulgation of Emergency Act through a Presidential Ordinance one party rule of BKSAL was established buring democracy. The same Sheikh Mujib who happened to have fought for democracy through out his life did not hesitate for a movement to introduce an autocratic dictatorship for the first time in Independent Bangladesh. He did not even bother about the procedural aspect. When most of the members of the house tried to oppose the bill they were told in clear terms that should the Bill be opposed then Sheikh Mujib might either resign or dissolve the Parliament and re-structured a more playable one to ensure the passage of the Bill. When Mr. Mizanur Rahman Choudhury and Shamsul Haq wanted to speak, he himself said, "No more speeches, I just want to know whether you want me or not".

After such startling statement no one dared to oppose allpowerful Sheikh Mujibur Rahman considering their personal security. Sheikh introduced BKSAL to perpetuate his and his family rule. This is how the dictators emerge. Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy also rose similarly. The Nazi party termed Hitler as ‘great man’ the BKSALITES have also raised the slogan ‘Ek Neta Ek Desh, Bangabandhu Bangladesh’. Most of the old guards of the Awami League and the democratic minded leaders were unhappy. They became worried. What a irony! It was no other person but Sheikh Mujib himself who killed the democracy and established one party rule. Many said that he sacrificed the party principles for his own interest. This is how the mountain of BKSAL was placed on the chest of the nation. The nation would not breathe freedom again till this mountain was removed. Soon after the fundamental and human rights, press freedom were also snatched away from the people by the dictator ‘Bangabandhu’, ‘father of the nation’ Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Later on we came to know from Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed and other senior leaders of Awami League that Syed Nazrul Islam, Sheikh Fuzlul Haq Moni, Abdur Razzak, Mansur Ali were the main instigators in favour of introducing one party BKSAL. They were also the die-hard pro Indian and pro Soviet elements with in the Awami League. They alleged that this group was perusing their own power game within the broader blue print of the Indo-Soviet axis. According to them these ambitious lot under the leadership of Sheikh Fuzlul Haq Moni were grinding their swords to remove Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. We also gathered that on that fateful day most of the veteran leaders were muted by threat and intimidation. However, they could not accept this outrageous move. Some of them even requested Khandakar Mushtaq Ahmed to find a way to thwart this anti national conspiracy. All those revelations convinced us that Awami League stood sharply divided on the question of BKSAL and Khandakar Mushtaq enjoyed the confidence of a large section of the Awami Leaguers.