The second attempt on my life

It happened when I was travelling to the work sites in North Bengal.

One hot summer day 1975, I was given the responsibility to carry some materials to the sites and to check the progress of the work. Accordingly, I started off with a truck. As we reached Aaricha Ghat we found there was some ferry problem. By the time we reached the other bank it was dark. I decided to spend the night at the Ghat as it was not safe to travel at night. We had to travel on this rout very often as we had couple of projects going on at various places in the northern and western parts of the country. One of the small road side restaurant was my favorite joint. I liked the food out there. So I became almost a regular customer. The owner of the restaurant Haji Saheb became a good friend. I told Haji Saheb, "I want to spend the night at the Ghat".

"No problem Sir. I shall make all arrangements". Replied Haji Saheb.

A bed was made and he also managed a mosquito net for me. It was a hot summer night. After taking food I was not feeling sleepy. So I came out and found my truck driver and the assistants were playing cards. They were playing game of 29. I decided to join them. Soon I got absorbed in the game. It was past mid night but the game became so interesting that we went on playing. Suddenly we heard stengun firing very close to us. We all dashed under the truck for cover. From there we saw four/five people were firing indiscriminately towards the restaurant of Haji Saheb. They continued firing for about 5 minuets then got into a jeep and drove away. Haji Saheb’s residence was close by. As the firing stopped he came running with some people. We also got out. He came running and embraced me passionately. He was in tears. Simple hearted God Fearing Haji Saheb was just repeating "Allah Meherban! Allah Meherban!"

It was true Allah is most merciful. I and Haji Saheb understood who was the target but the rest of the people could not. The next day early morning I instructed the truck driver and the others to proceed to the sites and I returned back to Dhaka. I did not discussed this incidence with any one else other than my close associates for obvious reasons. Since then I seldom traveled outside Dhaka. It was either Nur or Shapan who used to undertake such responsibilities.