Mujibbad based on the four borrower principles was a cocktail

To implement those self contradictory four principles Mujibbad was forced on the people. To understand the consequences I deem it appropriate to analyze those principles in short.


Soon after taking over power the Awami League for reasons best known to them started with clumsy efforts to established and propagate language based Bengali nationalism. Some how they did not say a word about the roots and the basis on which the people of this region had evolved as a nation over thousands of year. After Bangladesh got its independence some of the leaders started echoing the Indian propaganda that Jinna’s two-nation theory had been proven wrong. These people in another way tried to justify the fallacy of "Akhand Bharat." But to me the creation of Bangladesh had only proven the historical fact that this sub-continent comprised of many nations not one or two. Creation of Bangladesh is a milestone in all the nationalist movements in the region. Religion and language are two important factors but not the only factors around which evolve the nationhood. Territorial boundary, ethnicity, culture & heritage are also the determinants that influence the evolutionary process. Nationalism basically is a feeling, a mentality, a living awareness that is developed from the historical experience.

It is true that the language played a significant role in our national struggle. But to term our nationalism, as Bengali or Bangali nationalism would be nothing but establishing hegemony of one particular linguistic group over the others destroying national cohesion. This would be a negation of our rich heritage as well. Different ethnic and linguistic groups had under taken our nation building process together. Bengali or Bangali only depicts one linguistic group hence can not define the whole nation nor can it express the nationalism in totality.


Every human being is gifted with individual traits and no two human beings are alike. Around this natural phenomenon the idea of individualism and democracy evolved. Individualism and freedom of all kinds such as political, economic, social, cultural and religious freedom gave birth to capitalism and capitalist culture. In political term democracy basically means tolerance and participation, governance through consensus. But Sheikh Mujib and his Awami League never believed in those principles. They unilaterally usurped the power and finally to perpetuate their rule killed democracy and introduced one party dictatorship. Through proclamations they also snatched away all fundamental rights of the people. Judiciary lost its independence and was brought under the administration. Press freedom was gagged. Other then four party newspapers all other newspapers and periodicals were banned. Much hated special power act and JRB ordinance promulgated to take care of any political opposition. This was the character of the fascist BKSAL type of democracy.


As an antithesis to capitalism Karl Marx invented the political philosophy of socialism and communism. The policy of nationalization of Awami League was not to establish socialism in its true spirit Mere nationalization of industries, banks, and insurances etc does not mean socialism. Till the state did not have a specific character, it was not brought under the leadership of the working class, thinking about socialism was nothing but empty rhetoric. Under the leadership of Awami League, a bourgeoisie political party, like other policies of theirs the policy of nationalization was also to serve their class interest. With this policy the leaders and the members of the ruling party got a free hand to loot and plunder the nationalized units. Such ruthless loot and plunder of national wealth created total mess and anarchy in the national economy. The nation became even poorer and a ‘bottomless basket’.


Even in today’s modern world every individual lives with some kind of faith and belief. It could be religion or anything else. Faith inspires him to live. All his actions and social interactions are also guided by his faith. All societies and civil affairs evolve around people. Therefore, it is not understood how civil affairs could be kept out of the influence of the faith of the people.

Imposition of secularism by the government was nothing but an insult to the religious beliefs of the people of Bangladesh. It was also an unwarranted encroachment of the way of life. In the name of secularism AWAMI-BKSAL government wanted to take away right of faith of the people both majorities and minorities alike.

Mohammad Illyas, a writer and journalist was engaged to write the book ‘Mujibbad’as a doctrinal thesis. All sorts of strange things were written in that book. He claimed that Mujibbad emerged as a political philosophy from the synthesis of Communist Menifesto of Karl Marx. Mujibbad was the modern enriched version of Marxism. But if the readers read that book and then compared it with Nazi leader Hitler’s biography ‘Main Camp My Struggle’ then they would have no difficulties to discover that this was a thesis some what similar to that of National Socialism. An inferior translation of course. Mr. Haider Akber Khan Rono and other leading marxist intellectuals of the country did not accept Mujibbad as a socialist philosophy.