Title ‘Bangabandhu’ withdrawn and life membership of DUCSU revoked

On 3rd JAN 1973 in a public meeting at Paltan Maidan organized by Chattra Union, Mr. Mojahidul Islam Salim one of the leaders said, "If necessary we shall give more blood, but shall dislodge this government, a lacky of imperialism can not establish socialism". In the same meeting Mr. Salim, the Vice President of DUCSU (Dhaka University Students Union) declared cancellation of Shaikh Mujibur Rahman’s lifelong membership from DUCSU. He also openly torn apart the page of the membership book which contained Shaikh Mujib’s name. It is an irony that he is the same leader who had the privilege to award lifelong membership to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 6th May 1972. He also withdrew the tittle Bangabandhu earlier given to him and said, "In the newspapers and national media Sheikh Mujib’s name can no more be prefixed with father of the nation or Bangabandhu". He also gave a call to remove his portrait from all-public places, offices and courts. On the same day comrade Moni Singh CPB leader said, "Present government is a total failure".

On 3rd January Banglar Bani, a daily newspaper which was edited by Mr. Sheikh Fazlul Haq Moni, the chairman of Juboleague wrote in a editorial, "In the name of Hartal on 2nd January NAP Muzaffar, NAP Bhashani, JSD, Motia, Menon and Mahaboobullah groups of Chattra Union, the fascists goongs who had been ousted from Chattraleague had attacked the workers of Chattra League and Awami League at Mirpur, Mohammedpur and Chawkbazar. Mr. Mir Jahan, the regional cultural secretary of Chattraleague was kidnapped at Patuatuli and had been assassinated by the thugs of NAP Muzaffar".

The following day pro Mujib Chattraleague brought out a militant procession in the capital.

On 3rd January in a protest meeting organized by the pro Mujib Chattraleague at the Shaheed Minar, the Chattraleague President Sheikh Shahidul Islam (another relation of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman) warned NAP Muzaffar, JSD, the leaders of Chattra Union and demanded that they have to apologize in public for making insulted remarks against Bangabandhu by 7th January failing which he said, "If apology is not sought then from 7th January no public meetings of NAP Muzaffar, NAP Bhashani and JSD will be allowed on the soil of Bangladesh". He further said, "Those people who had been pleading for a National Government to become Ministers and under their protection the Chattra Union taking advantage of prevailing democratic atmosphere are now daring to criticize Bangabandhu. He declared, "From today any newspaper which will not give due respect to Bangabandhu will not be allowed by the people to be published in Bangladesh and they will not be in existence". He also said, "Bangabandhu had got life long membership of DUCSU from Mr. Abdul Quddus Makhan and thus no one else has the right to interfere in this matter. As the Present of DUCSU is acting against the will and wishes of the students and have lost their confidence and trust, this body stands null and void". The student leaders termed this statement as a conspiracy against the ensuing DUCSU election. A few days later DUCSU office was ransacked.

The same very day news was published in Banglar Bani newspaper that ears of one person was sliced off as he brought down Sheikh Mujib’s photo. The next day the same newspaper gave the news that for same offense two persons had been beaten to death