Col Ziauddin published his sensational article in the weekly ‘Holiday’ and resigned. Col Taher was forced to accept early retirement.

Government’s decision to withdraw the arm forces from the ‘Anti smuggling operation’ and ‘Operation food’ raised many questions in their minds of the members of the armed forces. Particularly, among the rank and file of the army. They became disheartened and disillusioned.

At that juncture in one of the meeting Col. Ziauddin, Dhaka Brigade Commander opined that it would not be possible any more to serve the people being in uniform under the Awami League government. It would also be difficult to fight the government. Hence, he thought the need of the hour was to join the masses to fight the despotic anti national fascist government. His assessment had merits. But then it was the responsibility of the politicians to organize the masses. Our job was to help them as a supporting force which we were already doing by exposing the anti people character of the government and the ruling party. Most of us also thought that it would be totally counter productive if we all decide to leave the uniform at that stage. Such a decision would only allow the government to use the armed forces as a tool against the people.

A few days later suddenly, Col. Ziauddin published his sensational article in the weakly Holiday. In his article he squarely accused the government and the people in power as the betrayer to the cause of the liberation war. In the statement he wrote,

"Independence had become an agony for the people of this country. Stand on the street and you see purposeless, spiritless, lifeless faces going through the mechanics of life. Generally, after a liberation war, the new spirit carries through and the country builds itself out of nothing. In Bangladesh the story is, simply the other way round. The whole of Bangladesh is either begging or singing sad songs or shouting without awareness. The hungry and poor are totally lost."

This brave freedom fighter was the first to demand that the government should make public the 25 years treaty with India. Pointing towards Sheikh Mujibur Rahman he wrote,

"We fought without him and won. If need be we will fight again without him."

When this article was published Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was convalescing at Switzerland after his gall blader operation in London. As he came to know that the article of Col. Ziauddin has taken the whole nation by storm, he shortened his stay at Switzerland and rushed back to the country. The message of Col. Ziauddin was clear. The freedom fighters will not hesitate to pickup arms once again if necessary to fight any conspiracy against national independence that has been achieved after so much of sacrifices and sufferings. From his article the people came to know clearly that there was a serious conspiracy against the national independence and sovereignty.

Maj. Gen. Shafiullah, the Army Chief became nervous as he sensed trouble. He tried his best to convince Col. Ziauddin to apologize to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for publishing his article. Maj.Gen. Shafiullah was aware that the article has created a sensation in the political circle and particularly among the youths, students and the members of the armed forces. His request to Col. Ziauddin was a preventive measure against any out bust within the army. On his return Sheikh Mujib felt the pulse of the explosive situation and sought suggestion from Maj. Gen. Shafiullah how to tackle the situation. Maj. Gen. Shafiullah informed the Prim Minister that Col. Ziauddin’s image and popularity increased tremendously among the rank and file after the publication of his article. Under such situation any strong action against Col. Zauddin might cause an explosion in the army. As a politician Sheikh Mujib thought he would be able to cowdown Col. Ziauddin once he is produced before him and then tactfully he will be able to get an apology out of him. Accordingly Maj. Gen. Shafiullah was ordered to produce Col. Ziauddin. Col. Ziauddin was summoned to the Gano Bhaban. As he was marched in, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman burst into rage, "How dare you publish such an article? Do you know that this tantamount to treason? It is a gross violation of army acts and rules to publish such a seditious article being in active service, and for such a serious offense I can punish you severely? But however, this being the first time and considering your contribution in the liberation war as a freedom fighter I shall excuse you this time provided you give in writing to Maj. Gen. Shafiullah that you have done it wrong". Sheikh Mujib was speaking and Col. Ziauddin listened. Once he finished Col. Ziauddin replied, "Honourable Prime Minister, I am not in a position to accept your mercy or pardon. I have not done anything wrong. What ever I wrote that is my belief. So there is no question of any pardon or acceptance. You are absolutely right that it is an offance to publish anything like this being in active service. That is why I submitted my resignation before I published my article."

This is how Col. Ziauddin the tiger stunned the Prime Minister and came out from Gono Bhaban. After he left. Sheikh Mujib requested Maj.Gen. Shafiullah to try to passify Col. Ziauddin once again. Maj. Gen. Shafiullah came back to AHQ and alongwith Brig. Khalid Mosharaff tried again frantically to make Col. Ziauddin cooldown. Col. Ziauddin remained firm and sharply replied that he could not betray his conscience and moreover it was below his dignity to serve under spineless leaders like them, who were nothing more than a bunch of eunuch. This is how he resigned and later joined Sharbahara party. After a few days Col. Taher was also made to retire unjustifiably and was posted as the director dredger organization. After he was out of the army he took up responsibilities to organize the secret armed cadre of JSD known as Gono Bahini. Although, they were no more with the army, we remained in close contact. We continued with our efforts to achieve the same goal from our respective positions. The goal was to materialize the dreams of the liberation war. Assist the struggle for democracy and to establish an equitable society. Contribute in the struggle for establishing Bangladesh as a prosperous and self-respecting nation. Our ideological bondage was so strong that we all knew that at any crucial juncture for the sake of national interest we shall always be united as one.