My self and Road # 32

Because of our personal relation I had an easy access to the residence at road no 32, Dhanmondi. I could visit the house whenever I wanted.

Whenever I went to Road No. 32 I saw a huge crowd always waiting to see the leader. They swarmed around him like bees. But I hardly found anyone revealing truth or giving right answers to his quarries. Most of the people said whatever pleased him. At times I used to be disgusted with those psycophants. Everyone wanted to get his job done some how and leave at the shortest possible time. This was an everyday affair. He some how was affectionate to me and Nimmi and both of us were liked by the rest of the family members as well. They loved us both. On his return from Pakistan in 1972 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family attended our first marriage anniversary and blessed us. This was one of his first civic function that he attended along with his family members and cabinet colleagues. All though I never supported the Awami League politically and his policies, personally we had lot of respect for Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family. We had never gone to him for any personal benefit. I always tried to place the truth before him. I used to think that when all the psycophants were not informing the truth and facts, it is imperative that some one must be truthful so that he is helped to take correct decisions as the head of the government.

One day late night Nimmi and I were returning from a party at a friend’s house in Dhanmandi. It was raining cats and dogs. Visibility was poor. We just passed Intercontinental hotel and was in front of the old Gono Bhaban which is now Shugandha, when a car was approaching from the opposite direction in speed. We could not see much but heard the people in the car were singing aloud and laughing. The car was instable. As it came closer we saw 5\6 youngsters in abnormal state. They were almost crashing so I quickly got my car to the side of the road on the wet grass and they zoomed away. But my car skidded and I lost control. It went and banged against the lamp post head on. The car came to a dead stop and was not taking start. It was still raining heavily. I had a cut on my chin as it hit against the steering wheal. I was bleeding. Some how nothing serious happened to Nimmi. But she got nervous seeing me bleeding. What to do now? I got out and found the engine of the car and the frontal part badly affected by the impact. There was no way I myself could do any thing with the car to restart. So I stood helpless. Suddenly Siren blew and I saw the Prime Minister’s motorcade approaching. As it was passing by the Prime Minister’s limousine stopped next to me. The backside window went down and it was the Prime Minister himself. He asked me what had happened? The bonnet of the car was open and I was bleeding. So he understood an accident had taken place. He immediately asked one of his aids to take us to hospital in his 2nd car. At his order Nimmi and I were quickly driven off to the CMH. After having the stitches and necessary treatment we returned home and found Abba and other at home were anxiously waiting for us. Abba was worried to see a big bandage around my face. I told it was nothing-serious just three stitches on the chin. He got reassured.

Soon after the Prime Minister reached home, Abba was informed about the accident and was told that it was not fatal and the Prime Minister had arranged to send us to the CMH. From this incidence the readers can understand how close we were with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family at personal level. But personal relations do not take precedence over ideological commitment. And that is why I could not compromise myself.