Brig. Ziaur Rahman got superseded

Sheikh Mujib superseding Brig. Ziaur Rahman appointed Brig. Shafiullah Chief of Army Staff.

In the initial stage of the organization of the army I was posted at Comilla. Col Ziaur Rahman was our first Brigade Commander. He got his promotion as a brigadier, while he was at Comilla. Gen. AGM Osmani was our Commander-in-Chief. His headquarters were at 27 Minto Road Dhaka. After a while he resigned and joined the cabinet.

As per normal rule after Gen. Osmani Brig. Ziaur Rahman should have been the Chief of staff being the senior most officers. But he was denied of this post, which he well deserved. He was superseded and Brig. Shafiullah was made the Chief of Army Staff. Awami League government took this discriminatory decision just to punish Brig. Ziaur Rahman for his historic declaration of the Independence. Being gifted with the coveted post Brig. Shafiullah became a trusted stooge of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, to prove his loyalty he started giving more importance to the whims and wishes of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his government sacrificing the interest of the army. He also started acting in violation of army acts and rules.

Some Mujib loyalists were given undue accelerated promotions and put into important positions. The patriotic section of the army particularly the young officers became vocal and protested against such decisions.