A trap was laid for Shiraj Shikdar

Mahboob the then Dhaka police super warned me in good faith and said that Shiraj Shikdar was going to be arrested.

At the end of 1974 my younger brother Shapan’s marriage was fixed. He was to be married with one of my cousin, Munni daughter of my uncle Gp.Capt. Kamaluddin Ahmed. The reception was arranged at the Air force officer’s mess. At the reception Dhaka Police Super Mahboob my good friend at took me aside and said, "Dalim as a friend I shall tell you something for which you should not mind." This was a serious stuff. However I said,

"Well you don’t have to beat about the bush. Tell straight what’s up?"

"Look I don’t want to see you in trouble. I would just caution you please be careful. Shiraj Shikdar is going to be caught definitely within a couple of days. I don’t care about it. What bothers me is that in the course of investigation your name has been found in the notebook of one of his close comrade". He said.

"Well if any one writes my name in his note book then what can I do?" I asked.

"Well you are matured enough. I am just saying please be careful in your movement and company. I am serious."

Some one noticed us together and came forward to announce that food was served. We stopped our conversation and moved to the dinning hall. I was thinking all the time while eating about what Mahboob had said. I have to be more cautious in my movements. I had fallen in the eyes of the government agencies. So better be very careful I said to myself. Shriaj Shikdar was going to be caught. How Mahboob could say that so surely? Had government layed any trap that was not known to the party? That must be the case. Other wise Mehboob could not have said it so confidently. I must reach this information at the right place as soon as possible. It was always better to be careful. The next day the information was passed to the right quarters with a caution. The reply was, ‘nothing to be worried about’.

Our Sans International’s office was located on the Toyenbee Circular Road in Metijheel commercial area. All kinds of people were coming and going in connection with the business. Various kinds of people used to visit our office. The leaders and the workers of various political parties also used to come under the cover merged with the stream of people. In such a situation to find my name in some body’s note book was nothing very surprising. But the thing which was of concern was to have my name in the notebook of a Sharbahara party’s cadre. I had connection with many other political parties as well. But Mehboob made no mention about that. What did it mean? Like Sharbahara party, had I also been registered in the priority list of the government? We had a threadbare discussion on the subject. Every one opined that Mahboob’s warning should not be taken lightly. I should move with proper precaution. But I should conduct myself in a normal way. Any suspicious movement or behavior would only confirm the government’s apprehension.