Sheik brothers got married wearing golden crowns

Sheik Kamal and Sheik Jamal got married with crowns on their heads when thousands were dying in famine.

During the famine of 1974 one day Sheikh Kamal and Rehana camedown at Malibagh. They came to invite us for the marriage. Both the brothers were getting married on the same day. Meanwhile Sheikh Jamal had first went to Yugoslavia for training. But he found the place not much palatable and switched over to Sandhurst. After attending a short course he came back and joined Maj. Gen. Shafiullah’s battalion 2 East Bengal Regiment as an officer. The marriage ceremony was held at the new Gono Bhaban. The arrangements were pompous. Invites were in thousands. The whole show was color full and gorgeous. The following day most of the dailies carried the news about the extra vaganza of the marriage with pictures of the brides. The grooms with their crows made of solid gold. Alongside they also published pictures of the hungry skeletons fighting with the street dogs for a crumb from the road side dustbin. Ironically enough sometime in 1972, while attending a marriage ceremony Sheikh Mujibur Rahman expressed his despair,

"When shall I find the girls of Bangladesh getting married with garlands of flowers instead gold jeweleries?" This was publisized in the newspapers.

Between words and deeds what a contrast. This perhaps was not a big issue but was widely talked about.