Unity efforts became fruitless

To fight the fascist government effectively unity of the nationalist and progressive political parties was a must. But in spite of many efforts such unity could not be forged.

The opposition parties were trying their utmost to resist against the repression of the government and their Bahinis. The workers of Sharbahara party and JSD were most fierce in their anti governmental activities. The people in general were against Awami Oikkyo Jote. Every body was scared for his life and property under the brutal oppression. Communist party ML, JSD, Sharbahara party, Jatio league, NAP Bhashani, was conducting overt and covert struggle. They had some common ground. The people were also not lagging behind. They were all anti Awami League. But till then no single party had been able to muster enough strength to spread their influence countrywide. That was why the masses of the people were not feeling confidant to alive themselves behind any particular political party. They noticed most of the opposition parties had almost similar aims and objectives, they were all engaged in anti government activities, coming out with similar statements, but they were not united. As there were no major differences among these parties, people wanted they should get united. Some politically conscious people had tried for such unity. The writer also got involved in those unity efforts. It was cleared that without a united movement all their efforts would be ineffective. And none of the parties ultimately would be able to sustain themselves in their anti government struggle. The workers of the parties who were in favor of unity were not in a position to speak out. The leaders were unwilling to talk frankly among themselves. There were some reasons for it. Question of leadership, bitterness of the past, mistrust and their history of weaknesses and failures were keeping them apart. These slumbering blocks were not allowing the leaders to be united and the people’s frustration was increasing. Under such stagnated situation a few other friends and I being non-partisan took a secret initiative for the unity among the patriotic and nationalist forces. Once we got ourselves involved we realized that it would be a Herculean task if not impossible to forge any such unity. But even then we were making our best efforts. Most of the leaders although did not see eye to eye wellcomed our sincere efforts and had accepted our initiative positively. But not much headway could be made. This was demoralizing but we never gave up hope.

We continued our efforts against all odds. Meanwhile one day Col. Akber came and said our unity efforts were futile and was bound to fail. Therefore he, Kazi Zafar, Menon and Rono had decided to float a new political party. On their behalf he offered me the post of vice presidency of the proposed party. In reply I said, "We can’t get frustrated so quickly. You want to float a party that is well and good. For me to remain non partisan at this stage will be more fruitful. Even if I do not join your party we all shall definitely get together at a required time for the greater interests of the nation. I think we have no doubt on that. So there is no problem and you go ahead". After a few days UPP (United People’s Party) was floated. Col. Akber became one of the founding vice President. However our communication remained intact.