Our last meeting

Sheik Saheb asked Nur and me to see him. But due to some unavoidable circumstances and pre occupations that did not materialized we got a reminder. Therefore we both went to see him

The meeting took place again on the 2nd Floor of the house # 32 Dhanmondi. After exchanging initial Salam Doa Sheikh Saheb started, "Look, I was really undone. It was a political decision that I could not avoid. I know, you might have been hurt at this decision. I want to do some thing for both of you. If you want I can send you abroad on foreign assignments. If you want to do business I can ask Naser to help. He has lot of business. You can easily be accommodated."

"Chacha we are soldiers. We took soldiering as our carrier not for money, For honor only. As we have lost that due to your ‘justice,’ we have nothing to ask from you. After all these you still want to do some thing for us that is your greatness. Please pray for us that would be enough. Rezek is Allah’s discretion. We shall try to do some thing to lead a humble life Inshallah. I don’t know whether I shall ever get a chance to see you again and therefore, I would like to say something if you don’t mind". He gave his approval and I said,

"All those who circle around you 24 hours do not tell you the truth about the country and the people. Most of them are opportunists. If God forbids a bad time comes then you will find none of them around. They will flock under the new shelter. Then it will be you to face the situation alone. You have been always saying you know the people well. But today I dare to say that you have become isolated from the people. May be it has been planned that way. You love us a lot. How much benefit you will derive from our retirement that you would know better. Allah had given you enough. You have nothing more to ask or get. Please shun these ‘Chatar Dal’ and try to be the leader of the country and the nation. That is where lies the ultimate success of your entire political carrier."

Sheikh Saheb listened quietly what I said while smoking his pipe without any visible reaction.

"We would like to beg your leave if you allow." I finished.

He stood up and we said good bye.

I said everything very sincerely as I had personal regards for him. I don’t know how much he assimilated. After this meeting we became busy to make a living.