Being out of uniform making a living was not difficult

Maj. Nur and I decided to join with Shapan, my younger brother in business.

Shapan was an experienced businessman Maj Nur, Col. Akber (later a Member of Parliament and a Cabinet Minister from BNP), Shapan and myself formed a company. The name of the company SANS International bears the initial letters of our names. Col. Akber just retired. Major Shahriar Rashid Khan also resigned from the service and started his own business. His company’s name was Sherry Enterprise. As we came out of the army we became freer. We had more opportunities for our contacts and communication. The government was hostile but friends and well wishers came forward to help us in the business. I could never forget their sincere help and sympathy. The people whom we even did not know before also came forward to help once they came to know who we were. We got into trading and supply. Our business flourished within a very short time. Financially we became handsomely solvent. We became listed contractors and suppliers that allowed us to move around all over Bangladesh. This helped us to maintain our contact with concerned people within the army as well as outside political circles. Wide ranging mass contact helped us to understand the pulse of the people. Wherever we went people showed respect. They tried to help us as much as possible even at times went out of their ways. This is how our time was flying.