Sheik Kamal claimed himself to be the ‘Future Prime Minister.’

We were still very busy with the civil affairs. One night suddenly Sheik Kamal, Shahan and Tareq (Both of them were close friends of Sheik Kamal.) came down to my residence at Comilla Cant. to expend the night.

It was around 10 P.M. I was surprised to see Sheikh Kamal and his party at an odd time without any prior intimation. "Boss sorry to bother you and Nimmi. We are hare to spend the night in a secured and relaxed atmosphere. We arrived form Dhaka in the morning for some party wrok. We just finished. The days are not good. So, we decided not to put up in the city and came to your residence,"

Kamal said. Nimmi and I also closely knew Shahan and Tareq both. So it was quite all right.

" Well its ok. I understand there had been some shooting at the city today." I enquired.

"No nothing serious. It was just a show of force that is all." He said.

Mean while Nimmi went to the kitchen and arranged some food and came back and said,

"I can see from the faces you all are hungry. Come on have a bite. Food has been served. First have your meal then the whole night is there to talk".

"Nimmi you are great! "Said Kamal.

They all had a wash and sat down for dinner. All of them were so close that there were no formalities what so ever. Suddenly Shahan broke the news.

"Dalim Bhani Kamal is getting married"

"Is it so, what’s up. Why so suddenly?" I asked.

"No nothing special." Kamal fumbled.

"Every body wanted and I just said ok. That’s it".

"What about your scholarship? Are you taking your wife along?" I asked.

"I can’t go Boss. There is no time for studies anymore". Saying so Kamal raised his collar and proudly said again,

"Future Prime Minister. You can understand that there is a hell of a lot to do."

"That I understand. But there is no short cut to knowledge. It was a matter of three to four years. If you would have gone and got your degree we could boast to have an educated ‘Future Prim Minister’. This is what is my interest. Moreover, I am sure Chacha is not going to retire in coming three to four years. So I still think you cloud have availed the scholarship". They were eating and listening.

"Look Kamal, Chacha says he spent almost 17 years in prison during Pakistan days. Most of the world leaders spent their time in the prison studying and writing. The library at Dhaka Central Jalil is quite rich, but Chacha did not use his time in studying. The record says that. Neither he wrote anything. If he would have utilized that time fruitfully than he would have been much benefited today to run the country’s administration. Don’t you think so?"

Kamal did not give any reply. Perhaps my words were not well taken. However, after food we spent some time talking about lighter aspects of life and listening music and songs before calling it a night. The party left for Dhaka next morning.