Bangladesh Armed Forces it’s character and commitment

In the post independence period when the nation raised voice and protested against Awami league and Sheikh Mujib’s pro-Indian policy, 25 years treaty rampant corruption, open smuggling, creation of Rahkhi Bahini, private Bahinis, oppression, rocketing price hike, economic anarchy in the name of socialism insecurity of life and properties, deteriorating law and order situation, the patriotic section of the armed forces decided not to be the tool of exploitation in the hands of government and became sympathetic towards the just struggle of the people.

At one time in history most of the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America were captured by the colonial powers. To further their colonial interest in each of these countries, the colonial powers raised two administrative arms with the members of the local exploiting classes. The bureaucracy and the armed forces. This was a unique arrangement to carryout exploitation by not coming into direct confrontation with the people. Later in the name of progressiveness they got these elements and their off springs attracted towards their alien culture and philosophies. Gradually people’s resentment against the alien rulers started accumulating. They were thinking that the alien rulers were the root cause of their sufferings and once they could free themselves from their clutches their miseries would end and they were going to get a better life. This idea led to the national independence movements.

When it became impossible to continue with direct rule the colonial masters decided to get out and arranged to handover powers to their lackeys they have created from the local exploiting classes to perpetrate their indirect exploitation. Thus the nations got their independence but the lackeys became the rulers. Once the local lackeys got into the shoes of their masters they embarked on similar kind of exploitation in almost the same old ways. They kept the colonial state