Election of 1973

On 7th March 1973 staged managed elections were held without any contest.

Regarding the elections Sangbad, Gana Kantha published reports of terror, goondaism, torture, stealing of ballot boxes, Kidnapping of the poling agents, murder etc. On 8th March in the front page of Sangbad their were some headings such as:- "Ballot boxes snatched at Sylhet", "Ballot paper stolen at Patuakhali", "In Chittagong two persons caught with 31 ballot papers each", "Rakkhi Bahini terrorises Dhamrai". "In many polling centers including Dhaka strange things happened," "The elections were very fare. One could vote as many times he desired," "Two workers of JSD high jacked by the armed thugs". "In one of the polling center in the capital terror and firing". "Armed ‘mastans’ only voted at Potia," "Large scale terrorism mared comilla polling," "Terrorism at Kaliganj," "Rajshahi voting turns into a farce due to rampant terrorism". On 9th March Mr. Muzaffar Ahmed and Mr. Pankaj Bhattachariya in a joint statement claimed, "To wining candidates of NAP and other opposition parties were coercively declare defeated. The government party workers had stolen ballot boxes, kidnapped polling agents, terrorized and intimidated the voters, and stuffed the boxes with false ballot papers. They also misused government properties, machiniries and transports in their favour. Due to their undemocratic and unfair activities the election was nothing but an apology".

On 9th March JSD president Maj.(Retd) Jalil said, "The way Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his government conducted the elections violating all democratic norms and principles to form one party rule, I hate to call him ‘father of the nation’". He further said, "On the election day a control room was established at the Gana Bhaban. And the Prime Minister himself was controlling the results. When the opposition candidates were leading in the counting the transmission in the TV and Radio were stopped at his instruction. After while a manufactured results of his choice were transmitted over TV and Radio showing Awami League candidates wining". He termed the newly elected government of Awami League to be a stooge of imperialism and neo colonialism and compared their election victory with the victory of Hitlar, Mussolini, Chiang Kai Sheik.

On 9th July at the press club the vice chairman of NAP Bhashani Dr. Alim Al Razi said, "The ruling government through open unfair means, terrorism, false vote, intimidation, money power, illegal use of TV, Radio, newspapers and other media, rigging had turned the last elections into a furce just for establishing an one party rule. The ruling party had also employed Jatiyo Rakkhi Bahini and other armed illegal Bahinis at their disposal to harass and stop the voters from voting. They also terrorized the opposition workers through those Bahinis. The elections were unprecedented example of state terrorism". Mentioning about the killing of two students on the street in broad day light Mr. Razi said, "The kind of terrorism that was unleashed on that day, never had occurred in last 200 years of history". He raised the bell of alarm, "Future of democracy in Bangladesh is bleak. The buleprint to take away the fundamental and democratic rights of the people was at work".

In the stage managed election Awami League was shown to have won 291 out of 300 seats. From Chittagong Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed of NAP was first declared to have won but later the result was changed and he was made to loose. This was criticized by all the political parties. Mr. Mushtaq made a writ against this result. But as the whole judiciary was under the government control he could not get any justice from the court of law.

On 10th March at a press conference the leader of Jatiyo league a veteran politician Mr. Ataur Rahman Khan had termed the atrocities of the ruling party, Rakkhi Bahini and other Bahinis, Chattraleague, Juboleague in his own constituency Dhamrai before, during and after the election to be "A night mare".

On 11th March Mr. Nure Alam Siddiqui said, "In the elections of 7th March those who had not voted for Awami League are Razakars, Al-Badars. All these anti liberation forces and the agents of foreign powers will be uprooted with the spade of Mujibbad". Next day at Baitul Mukkaram Sheikh Fazulul Haq Moni declared the war against the anti Mujibbadi forces. Till 15th August 1975 innocent people, patriots, political workers of the opposition parties, intellectuals, journalist, labour leaders, students, even the members of the armed forces and the law enforcing agencies were not spared from the white terror of the declared war. Only one oppsoition party JSD claimed to have lost more than 30 thousands workers and cadres due to ruthless persecution of the government and the ruling party.