1st January 1973 streets of Dhaka got painted with blood once again.

Two Dhaka University students had to lay down their lives due to police firing on a protest march.

1st January 1973 is a significant day in the history of independent Bangladesh. On that day against American invasion of Vietnam Pro Moscow Chattra Union took out a protest march in the capital. The procession became violent when it reached near the USIS building opposite Press Club. Police opened fire without any early warning. It was an unprovoked act. Due to firing Mr. Motiul Islam, a student of 3rd year Hon. philosophy of Dhaka University and Mr. Mirza Kaderul Islam another student were killed. This incident of killing in broad day light on the street of independent Bangladesh was published almost in all the newspapers the very next day. The nation condemned such police action. The people were stunned at such brutal killing by the government forces just after one year of the independence. They became terrorized and apprehensive. The journalists who were present at the Press club witnessed the whole brutality in silence and anguish. Even the reporters and the press photographers were not spared that day. Cameras were snatched away and crushed. Mr. Abdul Mannan, the then home Minister from Tangail even did not find it necessary to make any statement on the incident.

As the news of police firing spread over the city, all businesses, shops were shut down, transports came to a grinding halt. People came in thousands to see the blood soaked spot where the students were shot and killed. Condolence meetings and marches were held in protest of governmental brutalities all over the city. A complete hartal was observed spontaneously in protest of this killing. Muzaffar Ahmed declared, "Awami League’s murder of the students is the replica of Yahya-Monem type of fascism. We along with the people demand immediate resignation of Awami League government under Sheik Mujib". He further said, "Sheikh Mujib and his government will face the same consequences as that of Nurul Amin".