Maj. Jalil Bir uttam got arrested

Maj. Jalil was one of the patriotic freedom fighter who courageously resisted loot and plunder of the Indian army.

After the surrender of the Pakistan army, the Indian army started taking away all the arms, equipments, ammunitions even the machineries of the mills and factories from Bangladesh as war booties. Maj. Jalil was one of the patriotic freedom fighters, who resisted such nefarious activities of the Indian army. He became an example to all those freedom fighters who were also resisting such loot and plunder by the ‘friendly’ forces in other sectors. In the month of February 1972 the government for such activities arrested him. He was arrested through a set up. The whole nation burst into protest against his arrest. On 11th March in Barisal there was big protest rally organized by the people and the freedom fighters where his immediate release was demanded. A strong protest from the army was launched with the Prime Minister for his immediate unconditional release. In retaliation the government made a statement, "There are serious allegations against him. He will be tried under army rules". At this statement the protest became even stronger. The army, the freedom fighters and the people became furious. Under tremendous pressure the government finally had to give in and was forced to release Maj Jalil.