Persecution befell on the opposition.

While warning his critics boastfully Sheikh Mujib said, "I am warring the anti state miscreants if necessary I shall release my ‘Lal Ghora’." A pointer to the private bahinis.

Ruthless and barbaric persecution befell on the opposition political parties from mid of 1972. Not only the recognized government forces and the agencies were employed, unauthorized private Bahinis under the influential leaders were also unleashed to intimidate the opposition. Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, the chairman of National Awami Party (NAP) roared against such persecution. He, Kazi Zafar Ahmad, Rab-Shiraj group of Chattra League appealed to the people to resist Awami League’s reign of terror. They said in the public gatherings and the press statements, "To perpetuate power and to crush the power of the people and the students police operation had started. It is the same lot of leaders who just nine months ago used to be vocal against governmental persecution carried out by the police and army. Now after taking power they had carried out indiscriminate firing over dozen of times on the protest meetings organized by the people and the students just within last one month. Not only that the government had also brought fictitious charges against many opposition leaders and party workers, genuine freedom fighters with the help of their private Bahinis and by exerting undue influences on the administration. The political leaders of the ruling party with the blessings from the highest level are harassing their political opponents at every level with the help of local administration".

On 9th September 1972 the then Sheccha Shevak Bahini Chief Abdur Razzak said, "Awami Sheccha Saevak Bahini is going to adopt all possible measures to reach Mujibbad to every door steps. In the meeting of the regional, district and sub-divisional level leaders the decision will be taken for coordination and training. In every union Sheccha Shevak Bahinis members will be provided martial training with bamboo staves". After this meeting training started accordingly. Meanwhile, Mr. Abdul Mannan the leader of Awami Sramik league organized his Lal Bahini of 1 Lac strong. On 1st May 1972 leaders of Lal Bahaini in a militant gathering of its followers declared, "They will launch an operation against the anti social elements from 9th June". They urged the government to grant them permission to, arrest, search, interrogate and punish for the success of their operation. Thus they wanted to take laws into their own hands. In one of the public meeting the Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman himself while warning his critics boastfully said, "I am warning the anti state miscreants, if necessary I shall release my ‘Lal Ghora.’ " A pointer to the private Bahinis.

Seven days after this operation was launched, there was a clash between the police and the members of the Lal Bahini at Khulna. Such clashes in other different parts of the country were also reported. The law and order situation was deteriorating fast. Those powerful forces continued with their repression on the innocent people unabated. The situation was so precarious that even the Muzaffar NAP, known to be the ‘B’ team of Awami League had to protest those atrocious activities. On 20th July Mr. Muzaffar Ahmed gave a statement in the newspaper demanding immediate action to stop all such, unlawful activities of the party Bahinis. He said, "The Sheccha Sevak and other private Bahinis of a particular political party are engaged in unlawful and atrocious activities. The affiliated Bahinis of the ruling party and its student and labour organizations are not restricting their activities within their organizational perimeters. They are imposing self styled curfew at places by passing the local administration to carry out search, arrest people, try them in their self styled courts. In such mockery of justice people are being tortured, harassed and persecuted. The government administration and the police somehow are maintaining a mysterious silence on such activities". He appealed to the people to build up a united resistance against such intolerable activities.