Chittagong port was taken over by the Soviet fleet

During the liberation war the exiled government of Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed was totally under the influence of Indo-Soviet axis. Sheikh Mujib turned out to be the same once he return from Pakistan.

Immediately after the war a fleet of Soviet Navy arrived at Chittagong port under the plea to clear the port and the water channel from the planted mines and the destroyed ships. They occupied a vast area and declared it as ‘Out of Bound’. The members of the Bangladesh armed forces were also not allowed to that restricted area. The Soviet ships remained at Chittagong for long two years. The information started licking out that the Soviet- personnel were engaged in some dubious activities other than clearing the port.

All these activities were conducted with the approval of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Soviet Navy’s occupation of Chittagong port only proved that Sheik Mujib was also towing an Indo-Soviet line.