Split in Chattra League divided Awami League. Political confusion divided the nation.

Internal bickering and political feuds not only brought division within Awami League but also caused divisions within the people. This was extremely harmful for a newly born country.

From the very beginning of 1972 there developed sharp difference of opinions within Chattraleague (student wing of Awami League). There appeared serious disunity and crisis in Chattraleague. On 11th May 1972, the four student leaders splited into two fractions. Mr. A.S.M. RAB and Mr. Shahjahan Shiraj said they did not believe in Mujibbad. They said that only scientific socialism can bring total emancipation of the people. On the other hand Mr. Abdul Quddus Makhan and Nure Alam Siddiqui declared, "Mujibism has to be established at any cost". Within a short time the crisis spread over whole of Bangladesh. In some of the halls of Dhaka University armed encounters took place between pro-Mujibbadis and anti-Mujibbadis. The crisis reached its climax when both these groups organized great conventions. Sheikh Mujibur Rehaman necessarily inaugurated the convention sponsored by Abdul Quddus Makhan and co. Due to the split in Chattraleagueague the crisis also cristalised within Sramik League (Labour Front of Awami League).

Soon Sramikleague also got split up into fractions. The anti-Mujibbadi Chattraleague and the brake away fraction of Sramik League demanded to abolish the Awami League government and called for a revolutionary government to be formed. Since then the political climate in the country started heating up. In one side it was Mujibbad and on the other it was scientific socialism. On 3rd March, 1972 Mr. Rab in a speech said, "when the nation is prepaying for a revolution to bring fundamental changes in the infrastructure, at that very moment some bureaucrats, industrialists, businessmen and a few political parties including ruling Awami League is trying to conspire against our efforts and in the name of ‘second revolution’ a vigorous anti-people propaganda has been launched to influence the people". On 8th March while addressing at Jahangirnagar University he further said, "Emancipation can not be achieved just with the change of national flag. For that what is needed is a socialist programme". In reply to this statement on 5th May 1972 Mr. Nure Alam Siddiqui one of the Mujibbadi leader said, "Any threat to Mujibbad is a threat to socialism by the counter revolutionaries". On 23 May 1972, Mr. Abdul Razak, the organizing secretary of Awami League and Chief of Shechha Shebak Bahini announcing the date said, "From 7th June the nationwide compaign to establish Mujibbad will be launched". On 13th June Makhan-Siddiqui group demanded, "The national constitution should be based on the four pillars of Mujibbad". On 6th July Mr. Tofyle Ahmed, the then political secretary of the Prime Minister in a public meeting at Comilla announced, "Those who are preaching foreign ideologies are not friends of the people, they are all enemies of the people. Solution to all problems can only be found establishing Mujibbad. And Mujibbad will unfold a new era in the country". In the same public meeting Mr. Abdur Razzak said, "We shall show the world how democracy and socialism can function together". On 16th July Awami League leader Zillur Rahman said, "Exploitation free society can only be established through Mujibbad. Mujibbad is the true manifestation of the aspirations of the teeming millions. In implementation of Mujibbad lies total emancipation of the people". On the same day in a meeting of Chattraleague at Dhaka, Makhan-Siddiqui group adopted a resolution in which they said, "Under the leadership of pro Mao forces, the agents of CIA, in the name of so-called Chattraleague those who have been expelled, the absconding Al-Badars, Al Shams, Razzakars, members of Shanti committee, Muslim league, Jammat, Nezam, Jammat ul Ulema, PDP and other reactionary forces and organizations unitedly are trying to oppose the movement to establish Mujibbad".

On 24 July 1972 there was a fierce open gun battle between the opposing groups of Chattraleague in front of Baitul Mukkarram. On 21st July at a rally organized by pro Mujibbadi fraction of Chattraleague at Surhwardy Uddan, in presence of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman took a vow to establish Mujibbad. On the same day opposite group of Chattra league who believed in scientific socialism organized a separate rally at Paltan Maiden where ASM. Rab announced, "After Karl Marx no one can give any definition of socialism. On socialism his theory is the ultimate and only that brand of socialism will be established in Bangladesh". He firmly said, "The cocktail of so called Mujibbad is no socialism". A group of Mujibbadis armed with deadly weapons went up in a procession and attacked Mr. Rab and the meeting. As a result Mr. Rab and about 100 students were injured. One of the injured later died at the hospital.

In 1972 USSR provided 100 scholarships to the government of Bangladesh. The education ministry selected 100 students on the basis of merit. On 8th July on the directive of the Prime Minister 41 candidate’s names were removed from the selected list and a fresh list of 41 names were provided to be enlisted in place of those unfortunate 41. The reason given was, those 41 students did not believe in Mujibbad. But as the country was stormed with Mujibbad, there developed some uneasiness within the high ups of Awami League leadership concerning this quear ideology. The uneasiness and inner conflict became vivid from the speeches and statements of the leaders.

On 18th July Mr. Justice Abu Sayed Choudhury the then President said in a meeting at Chittagong, "The country will be run on the ideology and principles of democracy". Just one day before Mr. Zahur Ahmed Choudhury, a ranking Awami League leader at a public meeting in Thakur Gaon said, "The country will be run on the basis of four principles of Mujibbad". A few days later on 31st July in the meeting of the organising committee a resolution was taken to establish Mujibbad by crushing all ‘nefarious conspiracies’. On 12th August Mr. Tajuddin Ahmad then the finance Minister in a meeting at Bhawal said, "If socialism is threatened then we shall discard democracy". On 20th August Mr. Abdur Razzak the front ranking leader of Awami League said, "scientific socialism is a borrowed ideology and a Maoist conspiracy". The President of the Republic declares democracy will be established. The Minister says if necessary democracy will be sacrificed for the sake of socialism. The Paramount leader Sheikh Mujib says a combination of both that is Mujibbad will be established. Thus an extreme ideological confusion was created in the national politics. And as a result not only the Awami League, the ruling party but the whole nation got divided.