Sheikh Mujib & Awami League were bigger betrayer than Ghulam Azam and Jammat

Jammat’s position about the liberation war was principled but Awami League being so called champion of the liberation war killed the freedom fighters in hundreds and thousands.

In early nineties when Prof. Ghulam Azam’s nationality case was being contested in the court at that juncture the so-called champions of the spirit of 71 fronting Jahanara Imam launched a platform called ‘Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee’. Without any contention one could easily suggest that the initiators should have looked back into their past before considering such initiative.

Soon after the independence on 9th April 1973 a tripartite agreement was signed. Under that agreement the war criminals were set free unconditionally. A general amnesty was also declared and thus Sheikh Mujib himself rehabilitated the defeated forces once again on the soil of newly independent Bangladesh against the will and wish of the people. According to Sheikh Mujib that decision was taken for the sake of greater national reconciliation. So called champions of the sprit of 71 were all quite at that time. No one raised any voice. But then why they have come out in the field on a dead issue again? The mystery unfolded quickly. People saw Jahanara Imam seated along with AWAMI-BAKSALITES the killers whose hands are stained with blood of freedom fighters. This was nothing but a blatant betrayal to the blood of Shaheed Rumi, her son a valiant freedom fighter. The whole nation was stunt particularly the genuine freedom fighters. I being one who personally knew her was equally sad.

Political parties and the leaders such as Jamaat-e-Islami and Prof. Ghulam Azam opposed Bangladesh movement out of political ideology and belief. They believed that true independence could never be achieved if the war is fought with Indian help and under Awami League’s leadership. Awami League was considered to be a lackey of India. Were they wrong in their assessment? History has proved them to be right. Even after over two decades Awami League is still known to the people as a pro Indian party. Even then if they are considered to have committed crimes then bigger criminals are Sheikh Mujib and the AWAMI-BKSALITES. Because Sheikh Mujib and his party did not hesitate to betray with the aspiration of the people by signing a farfetched bond of slavery with India to turn Bangladesh virtually into a client state soon after usurping power through mechanization. Brave sons of the soils were brutally killed by his regime in hundreds and thousands. Therefore, in all fairness it should be them who should be brought to trail first before Prof. Ghulam Azam and others.

Mr. Rab, Mr. Shajahan Shiraj, Mr. Menon & co so called progressive leaders of different revolutionary parties are also to be equally blamed for committing the same offense. In response to their calls and under their leadership thousands of freedom fighters, their party workers had sacrificed their lives while resisting the white terror of the despotic rule of AWAMI-BKSALITES. With this background their attempt to establish AWAMI-BKSALITES as the sole champion of the liberation war has surprised the conscious minds. Their merger with Awami League has only confirmed that they were nothing but the ‘B’ team of Awami League. They are all opportunists and self-seekers. Such betrayal with the blood of the martyrs would place them all in the dustbin of the history.