Maulana Bhashani was a visionary

Maulana had clear ideas about the territorial perimeters of Bangladesh. The legendary leader in our last meeting spelt it out in clear terms.

In August 1976 Maulana was in London for his operation I was also there. One morning Gaziul Hassan khan, my childhood friend and I went to see him at his West End flat. The Bangladesh High Commission arranged the flat for Maulana. After exchange of greetings as we settled down he said, "Baba, I am now 97 years old. Who knows how long shall I live? But I would like to tell you something. You and your other comrades have done something very grave. You have saved ten corer people from the tyrant and slavery. I bless you all, may Allah grant you long life. But London is no place for you. You got to be back." I did not know how to reply. In those days we are having some differences with Gen. Ziaur Rehman. As I thinking what to say, he spoke again, "I know presently you are at odds with Gen. Zia. Zia is wrong. I shall make him understand on my return. He must get you all back. If he listens to me well and good, otherwise I know what is to be done. You remain prepared. But Bazan listen carefully to this old man, the beginning you have made needs to be carried a long way. If you want to do something meaningful to your people than you can not afford to be an ostrich. Don’t confine your vision within the present binderies. You got to look beyond for the emancipation."

These were his last words in that last meeting. The great leader Mulana Bhashani passed away within few months after his return to Bangladesh. With his sad demise we as a nation lost an elderly guardian and a foresighted politician.

People’s negative attitude towards Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for his pro Indian stance and his corrupt inefficient government, anarchic law and order situation, economic chaos all together presented a very black future. At this stage all nationalist political parties, groups raised their voice and went into action against the government overtly or covertly. Maulana Bhashani played the catalyst role. Maulana had always dreamt total emancipation of the toiling masses. Maulana never accepted that Marxism can liberate the people from all bondage of socio economic exploitation. He wanted to bring a dynamic and scientific transformation into the traditional concept of an Islamic state to make it compatible to the present era. This is how he wanted to free his people from the exploitation and misrule. While explaining his political philosophy, he always talked about the ‘Haq’ of the creator and the creations. This was not something entirely new. Same ideas can also be found in Christian socialism, Regional communism and Euro communism. Sukarno of Indonesia wanted to blend religion, nationalism, and communism together and establish ‘nasacom’. Later he replaced communism with socialism and established ‘Nasa sorce’. Maulana Bhashani wanted to establish ‘Hukumat-e-Rabbania’, a combination of religion and socialism. After independence when Mr. Saiful Islam a renowned and noted politician and his all time companion was returning to Bangladesh from India. Maulana Bhashani told him, "I thought to go to London and establish an all party National Government in exile. But it did not workout and now I will be returning after a holiday in my in-laws domain. You had lot of hopes and dreams and took the risk to come along with me. I also had a dream. Dream to emancipate my people and to liberate my country. But as I see, to fulfill that dream another war has to be waged. So much blood had been shed but the freedom still remains a distant cry. We are returning with half independence, again we have to struggle, that is why I am thinking….".

"Huzoor you are right. But that struggle is not against anyone else but within us. The fight will be from house to house". Mr. Siful Islam interrupted.

"That is why it will be more fierce, more bloody and is going to be much more difficult. So go with a stronger resolve". Maulana concluded.

The future that Maulana saw in 1971 with his wisdom and fore sight came to be true with the establishment of BKSAL and an autocratic one party dictatorship by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his Awami League. Being the first to oppose the autocracy and launch a movement against the fascist regime to free the nation from the suffocation he just acted in accordance to the hints that he gave to Mr. Saiful Islam in 1971. Maulana never compromised on the question of national interest or the interest of his people. He was neither pro Indian nor pro-Pakistani. When it was necessary he even criticized the Chinese policies. He was critical about Soviet Union and althrough dis- believed United States of America. This is what was Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, the ‘Lion of Bengal’.