Death or inhuman torture was the fate for one who dared to oppose or raised his voice.

By 1973 anyone who opposed the autocracy or had been vocal against the miss rule of Awami League was either brutally killed or subjected to inhuman torture.

Some time in 1973 Mr. Abul Mansur Ahmed a renowned politician, journalist, writer and columnist of the sub continent had shown remarkable courage writing a few very significant articles in daily Ittefaq. In the article titled "No more exchange of heart, we want change of heart". He writes, "Just as the human heart our politics also have four chambers in all sphere. First of all, our constitution is standing on four solid separate pillars. Democracy, socialism, nationalism, secularism. I termed them separate because some of the legislators think that they can not be the four pillars of the room. As principles and pillars they are not compitable. The critics at this point perhaps want to say that there are no connecting valves between these four pillars unlike human heart chambers who are connected with each other. Then in the case of constitution as well, we have had pulled and pushed the administrative structure within four parameters. Like any democratic country we have incorporated the terms such as judiciary, legislative, executive etc. very successfully but the most important instrument of the state apparatus which is a must for any socialist regime but can not be leagalised under any democratic constitution had also been created bypassing the constitution that is the Jatiyo Rakkhi Bahini. Thus we created four very powerful pillars of the state. The readers must not mix these four pillars with the fundamental four principles. In this long article regarding the mill-factories and the industries he wrote. "In line with our four chambers of the heart we have not stopped diving our lives in four sectors, national life, party life, governmental life and social life. Such dissections had been further extended in our economic life as well. Means of productoin had already been devided in three catagories of ownership. All profitable means of production as per the constitution are devided into private, cooperative and state ownerships. Only the non-productive means are left in private ownership thus similarity was maintained with the four chambers of the heart. So that no one can disturb this order through strike and hartal, right to strike and hartal had been nationalised as well". Concerning the government and people relation he writes, "The foreign friends may get surprised to see our universal fascination towards the four chambers of the heart. But their surprise will reach its climax when they will know that our supreme leader’s attitude towards his people is also based on heart only. Our leader is a lover. He loves the people, the people also love him. In this country the only relation that exists between the leader and the people is of love nothing else whatsoever. The whole affair evolves around heart. Copying the heart we have also created two chambers upper and lower in our personal national, social and economic lives. Just as ventries we have also got left and right on both sides. Basically it is for the leader’s love we have been attracted towards the four chambers, but there are a few more reasons to be so. Although our state is a secular state, we ourselves have not become anti religion. Majority of us is Muslims. We Muslims have not abundoned our faith. That is why perhaps we have not been able to get out of ‘four phobias’. We have four books, four Kalimas, four angels, four sects, four caliphs, four Imams. And therefore four fundamental priniples of the state, four types of social ownership, politics of four parties, in all these we have a natural facination. Why only the Muslims. The Hindus of our country are also attrected towards four. Number four also influences the Hinduism. They have their four vedas, four casts, four ages, four yogas etc. This is how we all have entered the riddle of four. In the government offices we have officials of four cadres. We have introduced four types of businesses in the market. Black marketing, profiteering, hoarding and smuggling. These we can not leave because of our love and fascination for four. The biggest problem of these four chambers of heart system is the relation between the father of the nation and his children. The father loves his children, the children also love him. They all love from their heart. So much so that leads to fierce competition and as a result bloodbath and loss of lives. The father of the nation at first requests his children to stop such bloodbath, then orders and lastly warnings. But his children are not listening to him. The father is also unable to go any further with a heavy hand. This is also because of heart. Mostly due to those four chambers. Much the father of the nation shouts for change of heart, the children go for exchange of heart with stenguns. If this state of affairs are allowed to continue for long then all our hearts will stop". After this article was published Mr. Mansoor had to face the wrath from the government and the Awami Leagures.