Awami League installed in power

The country was liberated on 16th December 1971. But the provisional government of Sayed Nazrul Islam and the cabinet reached Dhaka on 22nd December.

On arrival Mr, Tajuddin Ahmed proudly claimed that Awami League led the liberation war to victory and his government was a revolutionary government. All patriotic and nationalist forces and parties challenged this claim. On 17th January 1972 Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Samajbadi Dal and others refuted and said, "Awami League government can not claim to be a revolutionary government. If the liberation war was a revolution then that the Awami League did not do alone, the people revolution alone, the people made the revolution. And for that at present the country needs a national government." But Awami League and their master did not pay any heed to this demand and decided to go ahead with their go alone policy just as they did during the liberation war.

Moscowides and Moni Shing & Co. shamefully kept on supporting Awami League from the war days at the instruction of USSR. Their role was exactly like that of CPI (Communist Party of India) which was then supporting congress at the center. However, in view of fast deteriorating socio-economy condition even Prof. Muzaffar Ahmed, President of Muzaffar NAP and appendage to Awami League was also compelled to give a call to form a national government on 10th May 1972.