Conspiracy to distort the national perimeters

Present Bangladesh is just a part of the vast territory that used to be the ancient Banga. In 1971 drawing of the map of Eat Pakistan in the national flag was a conspiracy and done with ulterior motives. But the freedom fighters and the conscious people frustrated the design and forced the Mujinagar government to remove the map from the national flag. The boundaries of the ancient Banga had been defined as such:

On the north Himalayan range, Nepal, Sikkim, and Bhutan. On the North East river Brahmaputra and its deltas, on the North West upto Dar Ganga, the plains parallel to the north of river Bhagirathi. On the East hill ranges of Burma. On the West Raj Mahal, Santal Pargana, Chota Nagpur, Murshidabad, Maldah territories of West Bengal, Birbhum, Manbhum, Dhalbhum, Keonjor, forested plateau of Mayur Bhanja of Bihar and on the South the Bay of Bengal. Within this territorial boundary of ancient Banga or Bangladesh habitats such as Gaura, Pundra, Barandra, Rahra, Sumvra, Tamrolipta, Samatat, Banga, Bangal, the Bangaladeshis or the Bangabashis developed Harical. Ethnic groups such as Kole, Vill, Shabar, Pulind, Hari, Dom, Chandal, Santal, Munda, Orao, Vhumiz, Bagdi, Bawri, Podh, Malapahari together and their interactions with the allies created nationhood of the Bangabashis or the Bangladeshis.

Over the period of time the alien rulers to serve their vested interest had divided homeland of the Bangabashis in two pieces. Due to such territorial division the nation stands divided at present. However state boundaries are not permanent. Our great ancestors had developed famous habitats, matro-polis,-cities, towns, localities, established flourishing state, had created a rich culture and industrial heritage. All these are our national pride. No matter whatever efforts were being made by the vested interested quarters to create confusion regarding the state boundaries and the nationalism to fish in troubled water will not prevail at the long last. No controversy will succeed to befool the people. The nation will see through the historical facts and InshAllah one day shall regain their rightful claims to redress years of injustice.